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Canada To Vote October 21

It’s official. Canadians will go to the polls to vote in a federal election on October 21. Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to Governor General Julie Payette to ask her to “dissolve Parliament,” the protocol […]

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A Note To Our Readers

Dear Readers, For the past 10 years – we know, right?! – we have been bringing you professionally written news articles and curriculum material, for free. After a decade and 1,018 articles, it is time for two of us to […]

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The Bounce Heard Across Canada

Bounce … bounce … bounce-bounce. Everyone held their breath. And then thousands of Canadians jumped to their feet and screamed with excitement. That was the scene inside Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, and outside the arena in what’s known as Jurassic Park […]


Best $10 Bill In The World

The Canadian $10 bill has been given the Bank Note of the Year Award for 2018, by the International Bank Note Society The bill, which features social justice icon Viola Desmond, is the first one in Canada to be vertical instead of horizontal. In other words, the images on the bill are to be viewed up-and-down rather than sideways.
The bill is made of polymer rather than paper.
It is the first Canadian bank note (bill) to feature a woman other than the Queen of England.