How to Use This Site (Grades 2-8)

On TKN you’ll find original news articles on topics that are timely, relevant and intriguing. They are written for an elementary and intermediate school audience (grades 2-8) and can be used easily by kids, parents, and teachers.

How to use the articles

TKN was born from the desire to teach balanced literacy in a meaningful way. We provide teachers with a current events resource ideal for shared, guided, and independent reading lessons. Our Curriculum Connections section at the bottom of each article includes Writing/Discussion Prompts, Grammar Features, and a Reading Prompt (inspired by the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum) that will allow you to connect with your students and problem solve real life issues without hours of planning!

Print them off or use them online, or on your class’s projector or smart board. The articles work well in a classroom setting, in small groups or for individual students who have finished their work and are looking for something to keep them engaged. They’re also a boon for substitute teachers and homeschool educators, since each article acts as a nearly complete lesson plan unto itself.

You have at your fingertips an astonishing tool that will support your child’s literacy. See for yourself how quickly your child gets excited to read TKN’s simple and informative articles. Then, extend their learning by discussing with them the thoughtful questions and highlighted grammatical features included in our Curriculum Connections section. In reading just one article, you and your child will have bolstered important literacy skills that will help them every day of their lives.

TKN is an online newspaper written for you! You’ll find all kinds of stories that will fascinate you. Do you want to know about what’s happening with your favourite sports team? Maybe you’re curious about science and nature. No matter what your interest, TKN has stories that will keep you up-to-date with the world around you. Explore the site, read about your favourite subjects, and make sure to visit us again and again.

Note to teachers:
Always read the articles ahead of time to ensure they’re appropriate for everyone in your classroom. While they are generally levelled for elementary students, no two classrooms are alike and only you know what’s best for your students.

Join the conversation!
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Thank you for using TKN. Please bookmark this site and visit it frequently to help you get – and keep – your kids reading!

TKN is a companion to Getting Kids Reading, a non-profit children’s literacy resource for parents and educators.