Top Stories From 2012 – Take Our Fun Quiz!

Two Canadian teenagers launch a Legonaut into space in a helium-filled weather balloon.
Two Canadian high school students, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad sent a Lego figure… where? Image: captured from their time-lapsed YouTube video.

Now that it’s 2013, it’s a good time to look back on some of the biggest news stories of the year.

Take our quiz and see how much you remember about these stories from the past year. The link beside each question will take you to the TKN article that will give you the answer.

1) A famous scientist turned 70 on Jan. 8, 2012. Name him. (Article.)

2) Something happened to the Costa Concordia in January. What? (Article.)

3) Where did two teens send a “Legonaut”? (Article.)

4) Why did some Canadian Little Leaguers travel to Africa for a baseball game? Who did they play? (Article.)

5) Who won the 2012 Super Bowl? (Article.)

6) Name the northern Ontario city that declared a “state of emergency” in February. Bonus points if you can spell it correctly. (Article.)

7) How big is the world’s smallest chameleon (approximately)? (Article.)

8) What was the “robo-call scandal”? Hint: It involved an election. (Article.)

Collision of Costa Concordia
What is the name of this ship?

9) What Toronto “castle” burned down and was rebuilt? Bonus: Name the famous handyman who helped. (Article 1. Article 2.)

10) A well-known Canadian anti-child-labour advocate says that reading the news inspired him to help change the world. Name him. (Article.)

Craig Kielburger
This co-founder of Free the Children says reading the news helped him change the world. Image: ARamhit

11) To what famously deep location did film director James Cameron travel in 2012? (Article.)

12) Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber did something extraordinary in April. What was it? (Article.)

13) What famous royal couple visited Canada in May 2012? (Article.)

14) What were university students protesting about in Quebec in 2012? (Article.)

15) Who won the Stanley Cup (hockey) trophy in 2012? (Article.)

16) What did Nik Wallenda do in 2012 that thrilled audiences? (Article.)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II of this TKN news quiz, for questions about the second half of 2012. (The quiz, Part II is here.)