Take Our Fun Quiz: 2013 In Review (Part I)

How much do you know about the news that happened in 2013?

Take our quiz and see how much you remember about these stories from the past year. The link beside each question will take you to the TKN article that will give you the answer.

1) First Nations, Inuit and Metis people came together to form a movement for peaceful protest. What did the group call itself? (Article.)

Chris Hadfield. Image: NASA
Chris Hadfield. Image: NASA

2) Chris Hadfield is famous for _____________. (Note: There are many possible correct answers for this one — fill the blank with what you know about Hadfield.) (Article.)

3) The head of Canada’s largest school board resigned because he did something that thousands of students are warned to never, ever do. What did Chris Spence do? (Article.)

4) In January 2013, an American president was sworn in to his second term of office. Name him. (Article.)

5) In January 2013, a famous cyclist named Lance Armstrong confessed on TV (to talk show host Oprah Winfrey) that he had done something bad. What had he done? (Article.)

6) Who became Ontario’s Premier in January 2013? (Article.)

Ray Lewis. Maryland Gov.
Ray Lewis. Image: Maryland Gov.

7) Who won the Super Bowl in 2013, edging out the San Francisco 49ers? (Article.)

8) What Canadian coin was discontinued in February 2013? (Article.)

9) Something fell from the sky, landing in Russia in February 2013. What was it? (Article.)

10) A famous former British king’s bones were found buried under a parking lot in February 2013. Name the king. Hint: In Shakespeare’s play, he uttered the famous words, “My kingdom for a horse!” (Article.)

Mala Yousafzai. Image: Wikipedia
Mala Yousafzai. Image: Wikipedia

11) Three Canadian senators were famously investigated in 2013. Name at least one of them. (Article.)

12) A crazy new dance, called the Harlem Shake, took over the Internet. Describe it. (Bonus point: give a live demonstration.) (Article.)

13) In March 2013, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina changed his name… to what? (Article.)

14) A young student named Malala Yousafzai became internationally famous in 2013. Why? (Article.)

15) The Federal Liberals elected a new leader with a famous last name in April 2013. Name him. (Article.)

Part II of this 2013 TKN news quiz is available here.