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LEGO Figures In Space

In August, a rocket was sent to deliver a space probe, called Juno, to Jupiter to study the planet.

The probe carried three unique stowaways.

Three special LEGO figures, made of aluminum, are accompanying Juno on its five-year mission. The figures look like the Roman god Jupiter, his sister Juno and the Italian astronomer Galileo.

Jupiter carries a lightning bolt. Juno has a magnifying glass to help her search for truth. And Galileo carries a telescope and a model of the planet Jupiter.

People at NASA approached LEGO and asked them to design the special minifigs, which cost about $5,000 each. They had to build them very carefully so they didn’t interfere with any of the probe’s sensitive instruments.


Lost Penguin Back In His Natural Habitat

A woman was walking her dog along a beach in New Zealand in late June when she saw something that looked like a white ball in the sand.

It turned out to be a young Emperor penguin that was very, very lost.

The penguin attracted a lot of attention in New Zealand. It has been 40 years since an Emperor penguin has been seen there.

Researchers at the country’s Department of Conservation were called in.

Many New Zealanders came to Peka Peka Beach to look at the elegant penguin.

They were careful to keep their dogs away from it so it wouldn’t be frightened.

The public nicknamed the animal Happy Feet.


Justice League To Get An Upgrade

There will soon be new costumes and facelifts for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and many other superheroes.

Collectively known as the Justice League, these comic book superheroes have been battling evil for decades.

Justice League is produced by DC Comics, and the company is facing increasing pressure from its biggest competitor, Marvel Comics.

That’s why they’re upgrading their best-loved comic heroes, starting Aug. 1.

Many of the heroes will take on a more youthful appearance, and about 50 will get new costumes.


Why You Shouldn’t Tell Will To Keep His Fork

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate) are coming to Canada this week.

There is certain etiquette–things you should and should not do–in dealing with, and speaking to, royalty.

Etiquette is a type of “manners.”

It can also be called “protocol” in the case of the royals.

For instance, protocol demands that Will and Kate be addressed as “Your Royal Highness,” followed by “sir” or “ma’am.”

Men can then bow from the neck and ladies can curtsy to the royals.

Over the years there have been plenty of “breaches of protocol” — mistakes that people have made around royalty.

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Toronto Flash Mob Hugging, High-Fiving

A “flash mob” happens when a group of seemingly random strangers suddenly start dancing, singing or moving in exactly the same way.

For instance, a group of people in a mall may suddenly all start dancing to a Lady Gaga song, doing all the same moves.

The rest of the people in the mall, who are not part of the flash mob, get treated to a surprise show.

When the show is over, the people who were in the flash mob just walk away, as though nothing had happened.

There was a flash mob in Toronto on Sunday.

Kids Lighter

If You’re Inviting People On Facebook… Click “Private”

When Thessa’s birthday was coming up, she decided to throw a party. After all, it wasn’t every day a girl turned 16!

So, as many kids do these days, Thessa posted an invitation to her party on Facebook. She wanted all of her friends to come.

But she made a big mistake. She forgot to set her Facebook invitation to “Friends Only.”

More and more people saw the invitation and signed up to come to the party.

They sent it to their friends and told more people about it… and before long, more than 15,000 people had confirmed on Facebook that they were coming to the party.


Coke’s Secret Recipe Revealed?

Want to whip up a batch of Coca-Cola?

You’ll need some vanilla, lime juice, caramel, cinnamon, coriander, 30 pounds of sugar, alcohol and the extract of a coca leaf–which is found in the illegal drug cocaine!

Fortunately, Coke doesn’t contain coca (or alcohol) any more, but it’s included in the original recipe and is where Coca-Cola got its name. Coke was created in 1886 by U.S. pharmacist John Pemberton.

The recipe for Coca-Cola is a closely guarded secret. If the recipe ever got out, everyone would know how to make the drink and that would mean that the company would likely go out of business.


The Ugliest Couch In The World

The world’s ugliest couch is voted on each year by thousands of people across the world on a website called The Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest.

Each month, people send in photos of what they think is the ugliest couch they have ever seen. It could be plaid, stained, ripped, or simply an ugly colour. They might own it, it might belong to a friend, or they might have seen it in a movie or on television.

No matter what the couch looks like or where it’s from, if someone thinks it’s ugly they can send a picture of it to the Worldwide Ugly Couch Contest website.

From January to October, the best ugly couches are posted to the site, and anyone can vote on which they think is the ugliest. At the end of each month, the couch with the most votes is picked to represent that month in the Ugly Couch Contest. At the end of the year, an overall winner is selected.

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You Can Read It With A Fox: The New Dr. Seuss Book, That Is

Seven new Dr. Seuss stories have been discovered, and publisher Random House is publishing them in a new book called The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr. Seuss.

The stories were published in the 1950s in magazines, but they have never been put into book form before.

Charles D. Cohen discovered the stories. He is a dentist but his hobby is studying Dr. Seuss. He has the largest private collection of Seuss memorabilia (toys, clothing, books) in the world.

The new book will have seven stories in it, including Steak for Supper, about fantastic creatures who follow a boy home hoping for a steak dinner; The Bippolo Seed, in which a scheming feline leads an innocent duck to make a bad decision, and The Strange Shirt Spot, which was the inspiration for the bathrub-ring scene in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

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Sleep In A Ping Pong Paddle

In China, they’re planning to build some very funny-shaped buildings.

One is a hotel shaped like a giant ping pong paddle. It even has a huge ping pong ball out front! The building will be 150 metres tall. The windows in each room of the hotel will be round, forming the ping pong paddle’s rough texture. The “handle” of the hotel will be an observation deck, where visitors can look out over the city of Huainan, China.

Another strange building they are planning is a stadium shaped like a football.