Sidney Crosby; Image: Dan4th Nicholas

Sid The Kid Makes His Big Comeback

Canadians — whether they were hockey fans or not — were glued to their TV sets on Monday night.

One of the sport’s greatest players was making his comeback.

Sidney Crosby had been off the ice since early January after suffering two blows that left him with a concussion.

On Tuesday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins’s captain came back into the game. And boy, did he put on a show!

Crosby scored a goal in the first five-and-a-half minutes of the game against the New York Islanders, flipping a backhander over the glove of goaltender Anders Nilsson.

The Penguins ultimately won 5-0 against the lacklustre Islanders.

Crosby took home four points, with two assists and then another backhand goal in the third period.

Not bad for a guy who hadn’t played in 10 months.

Ryerson quidditch team; image:
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Quidditch Tournament In Ottawa This Weekend

The Ryerson University quidditch team is going to a tournament in Ottawa this weekend.

You heard right – the Ryerson quidditch team.

You may remember quidditch as the game Harry Potter and his friends play in the popular series of books by J. K. Rowling.

She invented the game, just as she invented Harry Potter’s world.

Fans of Harry Potter in England, the United States, Canada and other countries have created a “muggle”* version of the game.

One Ryerson player says it’s kind of a mish-mash of rugby, flag football, basketball and hide-and-seek all rolled into one great game.

Players don’t fly, of course, but they do have to run on the field with brooms between their legs. Not only is that difficult, but it can make the game a bit rough.


Baseball’s Pujols Hits Three Homers In World Series Game

Many people enjoy the Fall because of the beautiful colours of the leaves, but to baseball fans, the Fall is especially wonderful because it also means the beginning of the World Series.

This year, the two teams competing in the World Series are the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

And while both teams are capable of winning the championship–the series is tied at 2-2–the Cardinals have shown they can score a ton of runs, thanks in large part to the play of their first baseman, Albert Pujols.

On Saturday, Pujols played one of the finest games of baseball ever played in the World Series.

Not only did he hit three home runs, he also collected six RBI (Runs Batted In), and hit two singles.

Pujols’ terrific day at the plate put him among baseball’s elite.

The Blue Jays' new logo?
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Blue Jays New Logo “Leaked” Online

The Blue Jays baseball team is changing its logo.

Teams often change their logo when they want to portray their team in a new way.

In this case, the Jays likely want their logo to emphasize the fact that they are Canadian.

Their new logo design is a big secret. They don’t want anyone to know what it will look like until they unveil it to the media and the public at a big event.

The logo they posted on their site looks quite a bit like an old logo they used to have, with the Canadian maple leaf quite a bit bigger.

However, the website Uni Watch (Uni stands for uniform) has obtained what it says is a copy of the proposed logo.

NFL logo
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NFL Football Season Begins… Phew!

The National Football League (NFL) just completed its first week of the season.

It was an eventful week that saw all 32 teams play. But the season almost didn’t happen.

Over the summer the players and the owners argued over many different issues including the safety of the players, the number of games each team plays, and the players’ salaries.

Many experts believed that the season would be “lost.” They thought that football, like hockey in 2004, would simply be cancelled.

The owners and players discussed their concerns throughout the summer and, on July 25, they finally announced they had come to an agreement about these important issues.

Christine Sinclair

The Loss That Felt Like A Win

One sports writer called it, “a loss that felt like a win,” and indeed it was.

The Canadian women’s soccer team lost its first game 2-1 to Germany in the Women’s World Cup in Berlin on Sunday.

But during that game, one player in particular showed what she was made of–courage, skill and determination.

Going into the match, Germany was heavily favoured to win.

They had already won the World Cup twice before. In 2007 they won the Cup without giving up a single goal.

In fact, they haven’t given up a single goal in competition since October.

But something happened around half-time.


The Stanley Cup Drops Out Of Vancouver’s Clutches

It was one game, winner-take-all.

And in the end, Boston took home the Stanley Cup.

There wasn’t an empty seat in the Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The hometown crowd waved “rally towels” as their Vancouver Canucks skated out for their warm-up. The thunderous cheering of the crowd never let up. Canuck Goaltender Roberto Luongo shifted from side to side in front of his net.

The crowd took up the singing of O Canada.

If Vancouver could bring the Cup back home, the game would go down in Canadian history.

But it wasn’t to be.

Winnipeg Jets Final Season logo

Winnipeg Celebrates As Hockey Team Comes Home Again

Winnipeg will have an NHL hockey team again.

It hasn’t had its own team since 1996, when the Winnipeg Jets left town to become the Pheonix Coyotes. People in Winnipeg are celebrating.

This week, the NHL (National Hockey League) said they had reached a deal to move the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg. The team will play next season.

The announcement was made at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg. (Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba.) As soon as it was made, thousands of people clapped and cheered. They also started singing “The Hockey Song,” a song made famous by Canadian singer Stompin’ Tom Connors. The song is a kind of “Canadian anthem” for hockey fans.

Nick Gilbert
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Nick Gilbert: What’s Not To Like?

An unlikely hero helped lift the spirits of Cleveland Cavalier fans last week at the NBA draft lottery.

The draft is when basketball teams choose, or draft, players for the upcoming year. In the draft lottery, which happens every year, the 14 teams that didn’t make the playoffs compete to decide who will get their first overall choice of players. Everyone wants to get first pick so they can choose the best player for their team.

This year Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, sent his 14-year-old son Nick, to the lottery to represent the team. He hoped Nick would bring them good luck.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander
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Young Detroit Tiger Pitches His Second

Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers baseball team made one of the most impressive feats in sports recently. He pitched a “no-hitter” against the Toronto Blue Jays leading his team to a 9-0 victory.

Very few pitchers have ever thrown a no-hitter. It’s very difficult and very rare. But Verlander has now done it twice in his seven seasons playing baseball professionally.

The Milwaukee Brewers were the first victim of Verlander’s no-hitter back on June 12, 2007.

A no-hitter is when a pitcher doesn’t allow any hits from the opposing team’s 27 batters.

A “perfect game” is a pitcher’s ultimate goal, and it’s even better than a no-hitter. In a perfect game, none of the hitters the pitcher threw to reached first base. Verlander nearly pitched a perfect game against the Blue Jays, but he walked Blue Jays’ catcher, J.P. Arencibia right near the end of the game – in the eighth inning.