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Blue Jays New Logo “Leaked” Online

Blue Jays "new" logo compared with an old logo they used to have.
Blue Jays "new" logo compared with an old logo they used to have.

The Blue Jays baseball team is changing its logo.

Teams soemtimes change their logo when they want to portray their team in a new way. In this case, the Jays likely want their logo to emphasize the fact that they are Canadian.

Their new logo design is a big secret. They don’t want anyone to know what it will look like until they show it to the media and the public at a big event.

However, the website Uni Watch (Uni stands for uniform) has obtained what it says is a copy of the proposed logo.

The logo they posted on their site looks quite a bit like an old logo the Blue Jays used to have, but with the Canadian maple leaf quite a bit bigger.

One of the writers of Uni Watch, Paul Lukas, is also a reporter for the sports network ESPN. He says he has “sources” who tell him this is definitely going to be the new logo.

He said he has, “confirmed to my professional satisfaction that the logo is legit.” (By legit he means legitimate or the real thing.)

TKN asked Lukas who told him about the new logo, and how he got hold of a copy of it. After all, it’s supposed to be a big secret!

Blue Jays logo 2011
The Blue Jays' current logo.

Lukas told TKN, “This is my beat. It’s my job to know about stuff like this. One way I know about it is by having inside sources. Sometimes I have to protect their identity.”

If he told who gave him the logo, that person could get in trouble with their boss. They would also probably never give him any information in the future. For a journalist, that would be very serious since reporters rely on sources to help them with stories.

The only way we will know for sure if this is the Blue Jays new logo is to wait for the official announcement from the baseball team.

By Jonathan Tilly

Writing/Discussion Prompt
Think of all the logos that you know. You’ll likely discover that you can think of many companies, institutions, and teams that all have their own logo. Why do you think logos are used so often? What types of things make a logo memorable to you?

Reading Prompt
This article contains statements (quotes) made by sports reporter Paul Lukas. How did reading Lukas’ comments help you understand today’s story? By reading his comments, do you also get a sense of Lukas’ personality? What do you think he is like?

Identify specific elements of texts and explain how they contribute to the
meaning of the texts (OME, Reading: 1.7).

Analyse texts and explain how various elements in them contribute to meaning (OME, Reading: 1.7).

Analyse a variety of texts, both simple and complex, and explain how the different elements in them contribute to meaning and influence the reader’s
reaction (OME, Reading: 1.7).

Grammar Feature: Short Forms
Many people use the short forms of words when speaking or writing. Using short forms of words tells people that we are speaking or writing casually. Today’s story contains many short forms of words including: uni (uniform), legit (legitimate), and Jays (Blue Jays).

What short forms of words do you use when talking with your friends or fam?