News Quiz: What Do You Remember About 2018?

How much do you remember about the news that happened–and which you read about here on TKN–in 2018?

The link beside each question will take you to the TKN article that will give you the answer. Good luck!

1. What Goes Around, Comes Around. In January 2018, the US government shut down. (It’s currently in another shutdown, but this is about the one a year ago.) What is a shutdown, and why did the one in 2018 happen? What ended it? BONUS: What caused the current (2019) US government shutdown?
(2 points, plus 1 possible bonus point)


2. In January 2018, people in France began rioting over what sweet treat?
(1 point)

(The headline doesn’t have “something” in it, but if we put the word you’d know the answer!)

3. In February, some of the words to Canada’s National Anthem changed. What is the title of Canada’s national anthem (spelled correctly–it’s a bit tricky!) and what words were changed?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: BLAH BLAH BLAH (Again, that’s not the headline but the real headline gives the whole thing away.)

4. Where were the 2018 Winter Olympics held?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Winter Olympics More Than Just Sports

5. In March 2018, China’s president, Xi Jinping, was nearing the end of his term limit in office. So, what did he do to fix that?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: China’s Xi Jinping Could (rest of headline is a spoiler)

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff showing a street sign with the slogan #women2drive

6. Who is on Canada’s newest $10 bills? Why are they famous?
(2 points)

TKN ARTICLE: (Someone) On New Canadian $10 Bill
Also read this awesome TKN article on (that person)

7. This famous scientist, who was in a wheelchair for much of his life, died in March 2018. Name him. BONUS: What area of science was he most interested in? Why was he in a wheelchair?
(1 point plus potentially 2 bonus points)

TKN ARTICLE: Scientist (Name) Dead At Age 76

8. In March 2018, hundreds of thousands of young people took to the streets in the US, Canada and around the world to protest something. What were they protesting?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Students March “For Our Lives” (And no, “our lives” is not an acceptable answer, here)

9. In April 2018, the president of a company that runs a social media website had to face tough questions by the US government. Name the person, their company (social media website) and why they were being put on the spot.
(3 points)

TKN ARTICLE: (Social Media Website) CEO Answering Tough Questions

10. In May, NASA released some stunning photos of the largest planet in our solar system. Name that planet. Bonus point: Name the spacecraft that took the photos.
(1 point plus possible 1 bonus point)

TKN ARTICLE: Stunning New Colour-Enhanced Pictures of (Planet)

yellow vest protest Farnce 2018

11. There was a famous royal wedding in the UK May 2018. Name the happy couple. Bonus point: Name the groom’s mom.
(1 point for both names–but you can call them by their official names or their nicknames or even just their titles, pre- or post-marriage. No half points awarded, though, so name them both. 1 potential bonus point–again, any name for his famous mum will do.)

TKN ARTICLE: (Name, Name) Get Married

12. Women in Saudi were the last ones in the world allowed to do something; in June 2018, they were finally awarded this right. What is it they were finally allowed to do?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Women In Saudi Arabia Now Allowed To (Do This)

13. What is the USMCA (also known as CUSMA)?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: What You Need To Know About (Name) and USMCA

14. Artist Banksy shocked the world when she or he rigged one of their paintings to do this to itself. What did it do?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Million-Dollar Banksy Painting (Does This)

15. In November 2018, a man was kicked off a WestJet flight for doing what activity?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Man Kicked Off WestJet Flight For (Doing This)

16. In November 2018, the Democrats in the United States “took back the House.” What does that mean?
(1 point) Whatever your point of view is about this event, and however you want to describe it, give yourself a point if you understand what it’s all about.

TKN ARTICLE: Mid-Term Election Puts Democrats In Control Of (This)

17. In November 2018, a Canadian astronaut did something that few people have ever done. Name him, and tell what he did.
(2 points)

TKN ARTICLE: Canadian Astronaut To (Do This)

18. A former US president passed away in 2018. Name him.
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Former US President (Name) Dead At 94

19. There was a huge one of these in Australia, this year, but Canada had an even bigger one. What animal captured the interest of the world and “went viral” in December 2018?
(1 point for either the type of animal or either of their names)

TKN ARTICLE: Huge Australian (This) Goes Viral (But Psssst … There’s A Bigger One In Canada!)

20. In October 2018, a Canadian scientist won the Nobel Prize for physics. What is the scientist’s name? What were they studying?
(2 points)

TKN ARTICLE: Canadian Scientist Shares Nobel Prize for Physics

21. Many people in France wore yellow vests in December 2018. Why?
(1 point)

TKN ARTICLE: Yellow Vest (This) Continue In France

22. In 2018, we added a major new feature to TKN. What is it called, and a bonus point for any information from one. Hint: It’s an audio feature.
(1 point plus 1 potential bonus point)

TKN ARTICLE: This article has one of these “new audio features” in it.

(There’s also one at the bottom of the article you’re reading right now.)

Well, that’s it! How many did you get correct out of 28 (plus 6 potential bonus) points? Tell us about how well you did, or how well your class did, by posting a message on our Facebook page or by sending a tweet –we are @teachkidsnews.

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