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Attawapiskat Residents Getting Some New Homes

Map of Attawapiskat
A Map Showing the Location of Attawapiskat, a Community on Attawapiskat River in Northern Ontario, Canada. Image: NormanEinstein

Some Attawapiskat residents will soon be moving into new “modular” homes.

Attawapiskat is a remote community in northern Ontario. Last year, the government there declared a state of emergency because residents were living in conditions that were very unsafe.

Canada’s government promised to help fix the housing problems in Attawapiskat.

The first modular home has reached the first nations community, and the second is on its way.

“Modular” in this case means that the home was built away from the community and transported there by truck.

There will be 22 modular homes added to the community.

Attawapiskat Town
Aerial View of Attawapiskat First Nations Community, July 18 2011. Image: Attawafn143

The homes were shipped to Moosonee, Ont. in December, but had to stay there while the roads going further north froze, so they could be travelled by the heavy trucks.

Many northern communities in Canada and other countries depend on “ice roads,” which are unusable–or not even there–during the summer months but which freeze over and become useable during the winter. Many ice roads go over frozen waterways like lakes.

Some of the sites where the homes are to be placed in Attawapiskat are not yet ready. More construction still needs to be done before the homes can be installed.

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By Kathleen Tilly

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Teaching Kids News has been closely following the situation in Attawapiskat. Read TKN’s previous stories, which you can find in the “Related Links” section in this article.

Do you think the modular homes that are being delivered to Attawapiskat will solve the problems faced by this first nations community? Why or why not?

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