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David Bowie in 2002. Image: Photobra|Adam Bielawski

Rock icon, David Bowie, changed the face of music

The stars look very different today.
David Bowie, one of the world’s most famous musical artists, has passed away at the age of 69, from cancer.

by · January 17, 2016 · Entertainment, News
B.B. King with Lucille. Image: Stoned59

The Thrill is Gone: Music Legend B.B. King Passes Away at 89

On May 14, 2015, the music legend passed away at the age of 89, leaving a legacy of 43 studio albums, 16 live albums, and 138 singles.

by · May 17, 2015 · Arts, Entertainment
The lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner, as written by Francis Scott Key, in an 1840 copy. Source:

Canadian Fans Sing US Anthem At Hockey Game

Most countries have an “anthem.”

by · November 27, 2014 · News, Sports
Stonehenge. Image: Frédéric Vincent

Was Stonehenge Built for Prehistoric Rock Music?

For many years, archaeologists have wondered why the people who built Stonehenge – a prehistoric monument in the south of England – used huge rocks that came from more than 300 kilometres away.

Now, a team of researchers believes the rocks may have been chosen because they produce musical sounds.

by · March 16, 2014 · News
Image: Alphathon

East German Man Receives Contest Prize 45 Years Later

Gunter Zettl won a radio contest in 1969.

He correctly identified a song the radio station played, and he sent a postcard to the station with the name of the song (“Painter Man,” By The Creation).

Last week, 45 years later, he was finally given his prize.

The reason for the delay was political.

Following World War II, in 1945, Germany was seperated into two states: East Germany and West Germany.

At the time, Zettl was a teenager living in East Germany. Pop music was banned in East Germany at the time.

by · January 21, 2014 · News, Politics
Image: SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

New Study Links Teens, Music And Overall Happiness

A new study shows that the way teenagers listen to music is linked to how happy they are.

“Happiness” seems like a simple concept, but you can think about it in two different ways.

First, there is feeling happy in the moment, like when you hear your favourite song on the radio.

Second, there is the happiness that comes from feeling good about your life overall.

We know that music can contribute to the first kind of happiness, but can it also contribute to the second kind?

It turns out that the answer depends on why people listen to music.

Researchers asked more than 200 college students about their reasons for listening to music.

They wanted to know if the students were listening for their own reasons–for example, because music gives them pleasure.

by · January 16, 2014 · News
Portrait of Kate Middleton and her new baby.

Fun Quiz: 2013 In Review (Part II)

How much do you remember about the news that happened in 2013? Our fun 2013 quiz continues.

The answers to the quiz can be found by clicking on the TKN article beside each question.

16) What is a Bitcoin?

17) In April 2014, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health was worried about the large number of overweight people in the city so he put out a news release saying he wants restaurants to add something to their menus. What does he want added?

18) In May 2013, Chris Hadfield went home. Where was he coming from?

by · January 6, 2014 · Lighter, News
What does the Fox say picture book.

What Does The Fox Say? — The Picture Book

The latest viral music video is being turned into a children’s picture book.

“What Does the Fox Say?” is a catchy music video that’s been seen by more than 200 million people.

Never heard of it? Read the TKN article about it here.

It was created by two Norwegian brothers, Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, collectively known as Ylvis.

The video was meant to be silly and almost meaningless. But the tune was so darned catchy, it caught on, big-time.

Now, it will be a picture book called “What Does The Fox Say?”

Publisher Simon & Schuster is launching the book next month. It was written by Ylvis and has illustrations drawn by Svein Nyhus.

The brothers had thought of the idea of creating a picture book from their song even before they uploaded it to YouTube.

by · November 17, 2013 · Entertainment, News
Silly, Catchy Viral Music Video Asks, “What Does The Fox Say?”

Silly, Catchy Viral Music Video Asks, “What Does The Fox Say?”

Move over Psy, there’s a new viral music video on the Internet that’s getting millions of people dancing and laughing.

Psy is a singer who created Gagnam Style, a music video which featured a catchy tune and an interesting dance.

Gagnam Style has been viewed more than one billion times, by people all over the world. It went “viral.”

A “viral video” is one that is seen on the Internet by many people, and then the link to it is passed along to many more people.

Every time someone shares the link, the number of people who see the video increases.

A new music video called, “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” has recently gone viral. At 123,000,000 views, it may even catch up to Gagnam.

The video asks the question, “What does the fox say?”

by · October 15, 2013 · Lighter, News
Canadian flag

Some Prominent Canadians Vying For Changes To “O Canada!” Lyrics

When you sing your country’s national anthem, you may think the words never change.

But for O Canada!, Canada’s national anthem, they have been translated and changed and changed again.

Now, some people are saying O Canada! should be changed yet again, to be more inclusive.

Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and other prominent Canadians, including former Prime Minister Kim Campbell, want the line “True patriot love in all thy sons command” to be gender-neutral.

They say the word “sons” excludes women and the line should be changed to “in all of us command.”

O Canada! was first written in 1880, in French. The words were from a French Canadian poem.

O Canada! was translated into English in the early 1900s. The English words were changed in 1908, to a less exact translation of the French words.

by · October 3, 2013 · News