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Canada, Mexico, US To Co-Host 2026 World Cup (Men’s Soccer)

The FIFA World Cup, the biggest event in men’s soccer–perhaps in sports, period–will be co-hosted jointly in 2026 by Canada, Mexico and the United States.
Each of the three countries will host some of the games. One proposal is for Canada and Mexico to each host 10 games, and for the United States to host 60 games.
Canada hosted the women’s world cup in 2015, one of only four countries to host both events.


Christine Sinclair Is Canada’s Outstanding Athlete For 2012

Women’s soccer superstar Christine Sinclair has won the 2012 Lou Marsh Award.

The award is given out each year to Canada’s outstanding athlete. She is the first soccer player to win the award.

Sinclair, 29, is from Burnaby, British Columbia; she is captain of Canada’s women’s soccer team.

She led Canada to a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

She played a spectacular tournament, scoring an Olympic-record-setting six goals.

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Poor Sportsmanship Leaves Door Open For Man City Soccer Victory

England loves soccer. English soccer teams play in the Premier League (PL).

Two of the biggest soccer teams in the PL are two of the bitterest rivals: Manchester City, known as “Man City” and Manchester United, known as “Man United.”

Last weekend, one of the most exciting games in the PL took place… and it came down to the final moments. It was a game that would decide who took home the cup.

If Man City won its game against the Queens Park Rangers, Man City would end up with more points than its rival, Man United. In that case, Man City would win its first PL championship in 44 years.

However, a win wouldn’t come easy.

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A Great Time To Be A Sports Fan

There are exciting things happening in baseball, hockey, basketball, golf and soccer.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is just getting underway.

Every team is hoping to make it to the World Series in October.

But that’s about 150 games away.

The Blue Jays have a real shot at it this year, and that has some of the American teams nervous.

Will a Canadian team win against the Americans in “their” sport?

It’s happened before—in 1992 and 1993 when the Jays won the World Series. You never know!


Toronto Impresses In Its Biggest Soccer Game Ever

It was arguably the biggest soccer game in Canadian history.

Certainly it was the biggest and most exciting game the Toronto soccer team, Toronto FC, had ever played.

Last night, Toronto FC played LA Galaxy, which has superstar midfielder, David Beckham (#23) on its team.

Beckham is not just one of the world’s best soccer players; he’s also a world-famous celebrity.

The teams met to play a quarter-final match in the CONCACAF Champions League, which is a tournament featuring teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

It was the first time a Canadian team had been in the CONCACAF playoffs.

Image on this page: Ryan Johnson, Toronto FC; Image courtesy of TorontoFC.ca.

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Manchester Signs Five-Year-Old

The famous Manchester United soccer team has waited two years to sign Charlie Jackson to the team.

That’s because he was only three years old—they waited until he was five.

Coaches at United say that Jackson is going to be a superstar player.

Even at three years of age, he impressed talent scouts with his ability to handle and control the ball.


The Loss That Felt Like A Win

One sports writer called it, “a loss that felt like a win,” and indeed it was.

The Canadian women’s soccer team lost its first game 2-1 to Germany in the Women’s World Cup in Berlin on Sunday.

But during that game, one player in particular showed what she was made of–courage, skill and determination.

Going into the match, Germany was heavily favoured to win.

They had already won the World Cup twice before. In 2007 they won the Cup without giving up a single goal.

In fact, they haven’t given up a single goal in competition since October.

But something happened around half-time.