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Pope Francis Chosen As Time’s Person Of The Year

Time Magazine has named Pope Francis its “Person of the Year” for 2013.

The magazine has been handing out the honour each year since 1927.

Time chose the pope “for his strong leadership, humility and concern for the poor.” They said he has “brought new energy to the church.”

On March 13, 2013, the Catholic Church chose Argentinian-born Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be its new pope; he later selected the name Pope Francis.

The pope lives simply, in a modest apartment. He drives around in a 30-year-old vehicle, although he could—as past popes have done—own expensive cars.

Pope Francis, 77, strongly believes in helping the poor.

Environment News

Philippines Hit By Massive Typhoon

There has been a terrible storm in the Philippines.

The Philippines is a country in southeast Asia.

Because it is an island in the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines often gets very bad weather, including earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons.

However, Typhoon Haiyan is perhaps the worst natural disaster to ever befall the country.

The typhoon hit the Philippines last Friday.

Its winds of up to 300 kilometres an hour whipped up the ocean waves.

The storm also caused flooding and landslides.

The country’s National Red Cross has launched a huge program to help the people whose houses were destroyed by the typhoon.


Pope Francis A Lover Of The Poor

The new pope has been chosen; he will be known as Pope Francis.

The pope was selected by cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy last Wednesday.

In a special meeting known as a “conclave,” the cardinals voted to elect Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina to be the new pope.

The pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and its more than a billion followers around the world. It is the first time a pope from Latin America has been chosen.

The new pope was chosen after the last pope, Pope Benedict XVI, resigned. It was the first time in 600 years a pope had resigned.