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Canadian Cheese “Best In The World”

Recently, a Canadian cheese was given the title “Supreme Global Champion” at the Global Cheese Awards in England.

Margaret Peters entered her cheese, called Lankaaster, in the competition. Peters owns Glengarry Cheesemaking and Dairy Supply Ltd. in Lancaster, Ont.

It took the top prize, beating every contender in 167 categories.

Lankaaster was described this way, by the Globe and Mail’s cheese columnist, Sue Riedl:

The Lankaaster has “notes of caramel, butterscotch, pineapple and butter that linger on the palate.”


Author Alice Munro Wins Nobel Prize In Literature

One of Canada’s best-loved authors has won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious prizes an author can win. It comes with a $1-million cash award.

Alice Munro won the prize for her brilliant short stories.

Munro, 82, grew up in a small town in Ontario. Many of her stories are set in rural Ontario.

In making the announcement, Peter Englund, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, called Munro “master of the contemporary short story.”

Munro was surprised and delighted to find out she had won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

She told CBC News that, “I never thought I would win.”


Cheerleader Fined In London, Ont. For… Cheering

Normally, some cheerleaders going down a street cheering before a big football game wouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately for the squad, they were cheering in an area where police were cracking down on excess noise.

Several dozen cheerleaders were cheering for their team, the University of Western Ontario Mustangs, in London, Ont.

They were chanting “Go ‘Stangs, Go” and throwing one cheerleader up into the air.

It was right before a big homecoming football game against the Queen’s University Golden Gaels.

Police in London, Ont. have a “liquor enforcement and reduction of noise” program called “Project LEARN.”

Animals News

Toronto Zoo Elephants Prepare For Trip To California

For two years, the Toronto Zoo and Toronto City Council have been trying to agree on the best way to move three senior elephants to California.

The elephants are quite old and must be treated very carefully.

Now, if all goes well, Toka, Thika and Iringa will begin their trip next month.

At first, they were to make the move by plane, but that idea was turned down in favour of driving.

Now they will go in containers on a 50-hour journey with several stops along the way for feeding and cleaning of the crates.

Veterinarians and handlers will go with them on the trip to make sure the animals are safe and not stressed.


The Brydges Fail To Sell Their “Essay House”

In October, you’ll get another chance to win a house by writing a persuasive essay.

Calvin and Diana Brydges had been going to sell their $300,000 house for $100, but it hasn’t worked out.

They’re going to try again in October.

The Brydges had been unable to sell their house the “usual way” for two years.

Then they had a bright idea.

They decided they would give their house away in a lottery.

The Brydges would only sell the house if they managed to sell 3,000 lottery tickets.

They got 2,192 essays.


Stolen Baby Grand Piano Found And Returned

It’s a bit worse for wear, but it’s back and it can still hold a tune.

It’s a Boston Steinway baby grand piano and it was stolen in a brazen robbery from Toronto General Hospital last July.

A “baby grand” is a huge piano that weighs more than 225 kilograms. That’s one reason why the robbery was so bizarre.

Another reason is that the thief hired some movers and they simply walked out with it, right in broad daylight.

The movers didn’t know they were stealing the piano. They just thought they were being hired for a moving job.

Several people from the hospital stopped the movers and asked them what they were doing. They said they were taking the piano away to be repaired.

A man named Artem Stanislav Timofeyev, who is 27 years old and works as a model, has been arrested by Toronto police and charged with the theft.


New Teachers Will Have To Go To School Longer

Last week, Ontario’s government said that people who want to become teachers will have to go to teacher’s college for two years instead of one.

That’s after regular college or university.

The changes will start in 2015.

The Ontario College of Teachers (where teachers train) is also cutting back on the number of students who can enroll to become teachers.

There are two reasons for the changes.

One is that there are not enough jobs in the province now for all the new teachers.


Canadian Teens Will Stand Up Against Bullying

Teens across Canada will soon be helping their peers to shut down bullying.

The Canadian government announced it will spend a quarter of a million dollars on a new anti-bullying project called Stand Up to Bullying and Discrimination in Canadian Communities.

The Canadian Red Cross will organize the project, which will involve more than 50,000 Canadian youths.

The first step will be for 2,400 “facilitators,” aged 13 to 17, to put on anti-bullying workshops. The goal is for least 20 young people to be in the audience at each workshop.

The project’s second phase includes three gatherings, led by young people, in Ontario, British Columbia and the Atlantic region. During each gathering, 150 Canadian kids will be empowered to “take action against bullying and discrimination in their communities,” according to a media release from the Canadian Red Cross.

“The Red Cross has been working for many years in Canada to engage youth and harness their leadership to prevent bullying and harassment,” said Conrad Sauvé, Secretary General and CEO of the Canadian Red Cross,” according to the media release.

News Politics

Canadian Senators Being Investigated

The Canadian Senate is an important part of the Government of Canada, but now some senators are being investigated to find out if they took money they weren’t entitled to.

A senator’s job is to give the final approval to a bill before it becomes law.

Some Senate members have been accused of taking money for things that are not covered by their Senate budget.

The expenses of senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Mac Harb, and Patrick Brazeau are being looked at.

Mike Duffy used to be a journalist before he was appointed to the Senate. In the Senate, he represents Prince Edward Island.

He was accused, along with the other senators, of taking money for things that he had no right to.


Learning How To Write A Great Essay Could Pay Off

If you can write an excellent persuasive essay, you may be able to get a three-bedroom house for $100.

Calvin and Diana Brydges live in Aylmer, Ontario but they plan on moving to Barrie, Ont.

For the past two years, they have been trying to sell their house, without luck.

Then they had a creative idea.

They would hold an essay contest, with the house going to the winning entry.

The winning entry will be the essay that best answers the question, “why will this home benefit you?”

The house is worth about $300,000. The Brydges will sell their home to the writer of the winning essay, as long as they get 3,000 essays. Each essay writer will pay $100 to submit their essay.

If the couple doesn’t get 3,000 essays by the end of August they will give everyone their money back.