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Spirit Of “Caine’s Arcade” Felt Around The World

Recently, the spirit of Caine’s Arcade went global.

The Global Cardboard Challenge was held on October 6 and proceeds from the day went to the Imagination Foundation.

The foundation supports creativity and entrepreneurship in children around the world.

Caine Monroy is a nine-year-old boy who lives in a neighbourhood known as East L.A. in California.


If You Lose Your Cell Phone The Finder Will Probably Snoop Through It

Some people at a software company wanted to find out what happens when people find a cell phone.

Do they keep it, or return it? What do they do with it?

They found out that half of the people people who find a cell phone returned it. However, in nearly every case, the “finder” first looked through the information on the phone, checking out the owner’s photos, emails and apps.

In his experiment, Scott Wright, who works for Security Perspectives Inc., left 50 cell phones in various places in five cities in Canada and the United States. He left them out so they would look like they had been accidentally lost.

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Team Losing? Bring On The Rally Monkey!

When the Los Angeles Angels baseball team is losing, they’ve got a strange and funny way of rallying the team.

A rally, in this case, means when the fans and players on the losing team get themselves all fired up so they can try even harder to win the game.

For some baseball teams, fans use “rally towels” to try to help them rally. A rally towel is a white towel that fans bring out when their team is losing; they twirl the towels over their heads. The team sees all the white towels and realizes that the fans are behind them and want them to win.

For other baseball teams, fans wear “rally caps.” A rally cap is simply a baseball cap worn inside-out and backwards. It’s the fans’ way of saying, “Let’s go, team! We can win it!”

But the Los Angeles Angels may have the strangest way of rallying the team. They have a rally monkey.


Toronto Impresses In Its Biggest Soccer Game Ever

It was arguably the biggest soccer game in Canadian history.

Certainly it was the biggest and most exciting game the Toronto soccer team, Toronto FC, had ever played.

Last night, Toronto FC played LA Galaxy, which has superstar midfielder, David Beckham (#23) on its team.

Beckham is not just one of the world’s best soccer players; he’s also a world-famous celebrity.

The teams met to play a quarter-final match in the CONCACAF Champions League, which is a tournament featuring teams from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

It was the first time a Canadian team had been in the CONCACAF playoffs.

Image on this page: Ryan Johnson, Toronto FC; Image courtesy of TorontoFC.ca.