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Judge Temporarily Halts Trump’s Muslim Ban

A judge has ruled that the Muslim ban which U.S. president Donald Trump tried to put in place, is illegal. He has stopped it, at least for now. The judge said the Muslim ban was worse for the country than any kind of security problems it was designed to prevent. In other words: Trump said the ban will help, but the judge said it would actually hurt the country. So it has been temporarily stopped.

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New Rules To Become A Canadian Citizen

People who were not born in Canada may have to follow new rules to become Canadian citizens.

A new bill has been put forward that increases the length of time people must be physically in Canada before they can apply for citizenship.

They can’t say they live in Canada and then spend too much time outside the country.

The government says they want people to have direct experience of what it’s like to live in Canada, before they become a citizen.

The new rules extend the age for being able to speak and understand one of Canada’s official languages.

Previously, people 18 to 54 had to speak English or French and pass a Canadian knowledge test with the help of an interpreter.

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Some Canadian Immigration Policies Changing

Last month, Prime Minister Stephen Harper outlined some new rules about immigration to Canada.

Immigration is when someone comes from another country to live in Canada.

People who want to immigrate because of their work must apply and say what work they want to do when they get here.

Harper presented the immigration rules in January at a special meeting in Switzerland.

He said Canada will still look at all people who want to come to Canada — including people who are in danger in their own homeland, and family members of people already here.

However, people with certain skills and money-making ideas will now top the list.