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IBM Produces World’s Smallest Movie–Made Of Atoms

It’s about a boy and an atom.

And it may just be the world’s most impressive stop-motion film.

That’s because the film is made entirely of atoms.

Stop-motion animation is a way of making a movie using still pictures.

One company, a computer company called IBM, has made the world’s smallest—and arguably the most amazing—stop-motion video.

The video features a boy named Atom playing with a “ball” (really an atom) and bouncing on a trampoline. It’s a simple film, but its importance is enormous.

That’s because, rather than a doll, the filmmakers used atoms.

An atom is a microscopic piece of matter. Atoms can’t be seen with the naked eye, or even a normal microscope, because they are too small.

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Oscars Handed Out At Star-Studded Gala

On Sunday night, the motion picture industry had its biggest night of the year. The 85th annual Academy Awards were handed out. They are also known as “The Oscars.” The show is seen around the world by more than a billion people.

The show was hosted by Seth MacFarlane, who is known for creating and doing the voices for the cartoon series Family Guy.

Oscars are awards given to the best filmmakers including the best director, actress and actor and the best in other areas of the industry such as special effects creator and costume designer.

The biggest award is always saved for last: Best Picture. This year it went to the film Argo.