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Canadians Helping People Of Fort McMurray

Many people across Canada are helping the residents of Fort McMurray.
There have been many stories of courage and compassion towards the city and the people who come from there.
On May 1, a wildfire started in a forest near the Alberta town of Fort McMurray. Within two days, the fire grew larger and the people who lived in Fort McMurray had to leave their homes.

Animals Science

New Species Of Dinosaur Found In Alberta

A dome-headed dinosaur skull found in southern Alberta is helping scientists rethink some of their ideas about dinosaurs.

The skull was found in 2008 by a team of scientists led by Dr. David Evans of the Royal Ontario Museum.

The skull is about 85 million years old.

The top of the skull is made of a dome-shaped mass of solid bone about 10 centimetres thick.

This means the dinosaur belonged to a group of dinosaurs called pachycephalosaurs (“thick-headed lizards”).

The scientists compared the skull to all of the known pachycephalosaur specimens in the world – about 600 of them.

They learned that there are 16 different species within that group, and the skull discovered in Alberta belongs to a species that has never been seen before.

Kids News

More Canadian Kids Taking French Immersion

More Canadian students are signing up for French immersion, according to a report by Statistics Canada.

Even though the number of students in Canada is going down, the number of students taking French immersion has gone up by 12 per cent in the last five years. That information is based on the 2011 census.

The trend is particularly strong out west. Over the past 12 years, the number of students in British Columbia and Alberta taking French immersion has risen steadily. The number in Saskatchewan and Ontario are also climbing.

French immersion is when a student whose first language is not French, studies in French.

News Politics

Dramatic PC Win In Alberta Confounds The Pollsters

“They” had predicted that this election would make history in Alberta.

“They” had predicted that the new Wildrose Party would win, and take over from the Progressive Conservatives (PCs), who have held power there since 1971.

“They” were wrong.

“They,” are the pollsters; the people who take polls. They ask people, prior to an election, how they intend to vote and make an educated guess as to who will win an election.

Most of the polls predicted not just a win for the Wildrose Party, but that the Wildrose Party might get a majority as well.


Alberta’s First Female Premier

Alison Redford will be Alberta’s first female premier.

Her political party, the Alberta Progressive Conservatives, voted her in as their leader on Sunday.

She replaces Ed Stelmach, who had stepped down. He was the leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party, and the premier of the province.

By replacing Stelmach, Redford will not only be the party’s leader but the province’s premier as well – at least until the next provincial election (likely in 2012) when the public will help to choose who the premier will be.

Until she is sworn in as premier, her title is Premier-Designate.

Lighter News

Will And Kate To Tour Canada

Britain’s newest royal couple is coming to Canada this summer.

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – also known as Will and Kate – recently got married in a very high-profile ceremony in England.

Now they are taking their first official royal tour as newlyweds, and they’ve chosen Canada as their destination.

While Will has been here twice before (in 1991 and 1998) it will be Kate’s first time visiting Canada.