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The 20 Richest People In The United States

Every year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the 20 richest people in the United States.

This year, the 20 richest people are even richer than last year’s list. Together, they own $52 billion more than the top 20 did in 2010.

At the #20 spot on the list is the Mars family, the owners of the world’s largest candy company. Mars also makes Uncle Ben’s rice and Whiskas cat food.

The three family members have more than $13 billion each.

At #15 are the co-founders of Google (the company that owns the Internet search engine), Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They have $16 billion each.

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NFL Football Season Begins… Phew!

The National Football League (NFL) just completed its first week of the season.

It was an eventful week that saw all 32 teams play. But the season almost didn’t happen.

Over the summer the players and the owners argued over many different issues including the safety of the players, the number of games each team plays, and the players’ salaries.

Many experts believed that the season would be “lost.” They thought that football, like hockey in 2004, would simply be cancelled.

The owners and players discussed their concerns throughout the summer and, on July 25, they finally announced they had come to an agreement about these important issues.

Barack Obama at tenth anniversary of 9/11; image: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

9/11 Victims Honoured, Remembered

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

“9/11” refers to three terrorist attacks in the United States that occurred on September 11, 2001 – the ninth month, the 11th day.

On that day 10 years ago, nearly 3,000 people were killed when terrorists attacked two World Trade Centre buildings in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Near Pennsylvania, a plane was hijacked and crashed into a field.

The victims of the attacks were from more than 90 countries. Around the world, millions of people commemorated 9/11 in their own way.

At the site in New York where the twin towers once stood, called Ground Zero, thousands of people attended remembrance services.

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Japan Gets A New Prime Minister

Japan has a new prime minister.

In August, Naoto Kan stepped down as the country’s prime minister.

He said he had failed the country by not doing a good job of helping Japan recover after it was rocked by an earthquake last March.

On March 11, the fifth most powerful earthquake in history took place in the sea off the coast of Japan. It caused a tsunami, or giant sea wave.

Waves up to 10 metres high flooded the coast of Japan, causing massive damage to many homes and to a nearby nuclear energy plant.

In addition to the problems caused by these natural disasters, Japan also has the largest debt of any country in the world.

Debt is the money the country owes to other countries and to banks.

Happy Feet Image Credit: Mark Mitchell/

Lost Penguin Back In His Natural Habitat

A woman was walking her dog along a beach in New Zealand in late June when she saw something that looked like a white ball in the sand.

It turned out to be a young Emperor penguin that was very, very lost.

The penguin attracted a lot of attention in New Zealand. It has been 40 years since an Emperor penguin has been seen there.

Researchers at the country’s Department of Conservation were called in.

Many New Zealanders came to Peka Peka Beach to look at the elegant penguin.

They were careful to keep their dogs away from it so it wouldn’t be frightened.

The public nicknamed the animal Happy Feet.

Resolute Bay plane crash; image Department of National Defence

Rescue Drill Turned Real In Canada’s North

Four hundred members of the Canadian military were in Nunavut recently for a search-and-rescue exercise called “Operation Nanook.”

That’s when troops practice rescuing pretend air-crash victims just in case it ever happens.

The soldiers were to perform the exercise for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

However, the mock exercise was cancelled when there was a real plane crash nearby. The team raced out to help the victims.

The soldiers knew it was real when someone said, “NODUF,” which is slang for “this is not a drill.”

Jack Layton chalk condolences at City Hall; Image: Greg Robinson
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Jack Layton Honoured With Chalk Messages

It began with one message of remembrance written in chalk on a wall outside Toronto’s City Hall.

And then another. And then another. Now nearly every inch of the sidewalk and walls in the square is covered, all with a similar message: We will miss you, Jack.

It is one way that people are mourning and remembering one of Canada’s most beloved political leaders, who died on Aug. 22.

Jack Layton was the leader of the NDP (New Democratic Party), Canada’s Official Opposition party in government.

Layton’s death is affecting many people across the country—even people who didn’t agree with his political point-of-view.

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Riots And Looting In London, England

Wide-spread riots broke out in London, England last week.

People ran into the streets, breaking store windows and stealing merchandise (known as “looting”), and setting fires to buildings and cars.

Hundreds of people have been arrested and at least five people died in the riots.

There are many different reasons people joined the riots.

Some people looted because they thought they could get away with it in the crowds.

Some rioted because everyone else around them was doing it or they considered it fun.

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Judge Looks At New 3-D Images Of Titanic

Four kilometres below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean lies the most famous shipwreck in the world.

The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage on April 12, 1912, about 650 kilometres off the coast of Newfoundland.

More than 1,500 passengers and crew died after the supposedly “unsinkable” ocean liner hit an iceberg and sank.

In 2010, scientists used sophisticated equipment to take very detailed photographs of the Titanic and the wreck site.

The photos were “stitched together” to provide an incredible visual record of every centimeter of the outside of the ship. Many of the photos will eventually be shown to the public.


Justice League To Get An Upgrade

There will soon be new costumes and facelifts for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and many other superheroes.

Collectively known as the Justice League, these comic book superheroes have been battling evil for decades.

Justice League is produced by DC Comics, and the company is facing increasing pressure from its biggest competitor, Marvel Comics.

That’s why they’re upgrading their best-loved comic heroes, starting Aug. 1.

Many of the heroes will take on a more youthful appearance, and about 50 will get new costumes.