Jack Layton chalk condolences at City Hall; Image: Greg Robinson
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Jack Layton Honoured With Chalk Messages

It began with one message of remembrance written in chalk on a wall outside Toronto’s City Hall.

And then another. And then another. Now nearly every inch of the sidewalk and walls in the square is covered, all with a similar message: We will miss you, Jack.

It is one way that people are mourning and remembering one of Canada’s most beloved political leaders, who died on Aug. 22.

Jack Layton was the leader of the NDP (New Democratic Party), Canada’s Official Opposition party in government.

Layton’s death is affecting many people across the country—even people who didn’t agree with his political point-of-view.

London riots; image: London Telegraph (?)
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Riots And Looting In London, England

Wide-spread riots broke out in London, England last week.

People ran into the streets, breaking store windows and stealing merchandise (known as “looting”), and setting fires to buildings and cars.

Hundreds of people have been arrested and at least five people died in the riots.

There are many different reasons people joined the riots.

Some people looted because they thought they could get away with it in the crowds.

Some rioted because everyone else around them was doing it or they considered it fun.

Titanic captain's private bathtub; Image AP, RMS Titanic Inc., Mail online
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Judge Looks At New 3-D Images Of Titanic

Four kilometres below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean lies the most famous shipwreck in the world.

The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage on April 12, 1912, about 650 kilometres off the coast of Newfoundland.

More than 1,500 passengers and crew died after the supposedly “unsinkable” ocean liner hit an iceberg and sank.

In 2010, scientists used sophisticated equipment to take very detailed photographs of the Titanic and the wreck site.

The photos were “stitched together” to provide an incredible visual record of every centimeter of the outside of the ship. Many of the photos will eventually be shown to the public.


Justice League To Get An Upgrade

There will soon be new costumes and facelifts for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and many other superheroes.

Collectively known as the Justice League, these comic book superheroes have been battling evil for decades.

Justice League is produced by DC Comics, and the company is facing increasing pressure from its biggest competitor, Marvel Comics.

That’s why they’re upgrading their best-loved comic heroes, starting Aug. 1.

Many of the heroes will take on a more youthful appearance, and about 50 will get new costumes.

Betty Fox

Betty Fox Kept The Marathon Of Hope Alive

Betty Fox, mother of Canadian icon Terry Fox, has died.

Her son, Terry, became a national hero in Canada when he ran across the country to raise money for cancer research.

Terry Fox ran his Marathon of Hope in April 1980 after he had lost a leg to bone cancer.

He had to end his run half-way across Canada—after more than 5,300 kilometres—when the cancer spread to his lungs.

It claimed his life in 1981, when he was just 22.

Like her famous son, Betty Fox was also a Canadian icon.

After her son died she kept his Marathon of Hope alive by publicizing it in the media, doing interviews and helping with the many Marathons of Hope that still spring up across the country each year in Terry’s honour.

Vancouver riot 2011
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Heroes Emerge From Vancouver Riot

After Vancouver’s crushing hockey defeat last week, when Boston took home the Stanley Cup by winning over the Canucks, things took a terrible turn.

Crowds ran into the streets of Vancouver and people began smashing store windows, stealing things from stores and even overturning cars and setting things on fire.

The evening, which had started out with such high hopes for a Canadian Stanley Cup victory, turned into a horrible embarrassment for Vancouver and Canada.

Many people took photos and videos that night.

The police are looking through the footage so they can identify the people who did the rioting, and charge them.

Will and Kate; Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
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Will And Kate To Tour Canada

Britain’s newest royal couple is coming to Canada this summer.

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – also known as Will and Kate – recently got married in a very high-profile ceremony in England.

Now they are taking their first official royal tour as newlyweds, and they’ve chosen Canada as their destination.

While Will has been here twice before (in 1991 and 1998) it will be Kate’s first time visiting Canada.

Moon-landing map; Image: NASA
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Scientists Discover Water On The Moon

Scientists recently found out there is 100 times more water on the moon than they thought there was.

Scientists discovered the water when they looked at some pieces of moon rock.

They found water in tiny samples of magma, which was trapped in crystal. Magma is a rock made from cooled lava.

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield told Teaching Kids the News that the water is a very valuable discovery.

“It’s like finding diamonds or gold in a remote frontier,” Hadfield said.

Air Canada strike; Matthew Sherwood for the National Post

Canada Post, Air Canada On Strike

Two major strikes are affecting services in Canadian cities including Toronto and Montreal.

A “strike” happens when workers, who are banded together in a “union,” decide to stop working until they get something they think is fair, such as raises, health coverage or money for their retirement.

A strike puts pressure on a company to talk to the union and possibly give the workers what they want.

Usually there is a “compromise,” in other words, the workers and the company get some things they want but perhaps not everything.

The company and the union try to find a solution that pleases both sides.

Conrad Black's mug shot

Conrad Black: Lording It Over The Other Prisoners?

Conrad Black is a very famous, wealthy and powerful Canadian businessman.

Five years ago, Conrad Black was sent to jail because he broke several laws having to do with the money he made and owed.

He was convicted of obstruction of justice and mail fraud because he lied about how much money he really had, to pay off his debts.

He also tried to hide information from the authorities about the amount of money he made from selling his newspapers and real estate.

The judge sent him to jail for six-and-a-half years.

Late this month, Black is going to ask the judge to let him have some time taken off his prison sentence.