Candy, Coins Scattered Across Highway After Truck Accident

Many loonies and toonies were scattered along a major highway following a recent truck accident. Image: Wikipedia

Millions of dollars worth of coins, and a load of candy, were scattered along the Trans-Canada Highway and in the bush in northeastern Ontario on Wednesday.

A Brink’s tractor-trailer truck was driving along Highway 11 north of Kirkland Lake, when it hit a rock cut.

In this case, rock cuts are steep, rocky cliffs on either side of the highway created when a highway is carved through a hill. They are common in northern Ontario.

Brink’s armoured trucks are typically used to transport large amounts of money. (Brink’s is the name of a security company.)

Two people from the Brink’s truck have been taken to two different hospitals with serious injuries.

Rock cuts are very common along highways in northern Ontario. Image: en.wikipedia by SreeBot

The truck crash also caused others driving along the highway to crash into one another, in a chain reaction. One of the trucks involved in one of those crashes was carrying a shipment of candy.

Candy, along with more than $3-million in loonies and toonies, was scattered along the highway and by the side of the road.

The drivers in the secondary accidents had minor injuries.

Brink’s is considering bringing in a magnetic crane to collect the coins. Another option is to use front-end loaders to scoop up the dirt where the coins are. The coins would then be sifted out of the dirt.

The highway is closed and police are standing guard over the area.

Update, 9:45 a.m. Thurs., March 29
CTV News reported this morning that the truck was carrying as much as $5-million in loonies and toonies. As well, a local worker has come to the scene with an industrial-strength magnet to help clean up the coins. They also reported that the coins are covered with road salt and will have to be cleaned before they can be put back into circulation. Unfortunately, the two men from the Brink’s truck are still in hospital with very serious injuries.

By Jonathan Tilly

Writing/Discussion Prompt
How would you collect the missing coins? Why is your plan a good one? What are its faults?

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1. Sienna and I want to go, _______________________________ it’s fun.

2. Diego thinks he can win _______________________________ he tries.

3. Getting a lot of rest _________________________ you can is a good idea.

4. Mr. Bergstern works __________________________________ it gets late.

5. You can have a candy ___________________ your mom gave you one.