News Quiz: What Do You Remember About 2014? (Part II)

Happy 2015!
Happy 2015! Image: YVSREDDY

How much do you remember about the news that happened in 2014? Our 2014 news quiz continues.

(You’ll find Part I of our 2014 Year in Review quiz here.)

The answers to the quiz can be found by clicking on the link to the TKN article beside each question.

10) What was the “Umbrella Revolution” all about? (Article.)

11) A brave ambassador for girls’ rights won the Nobel Peace Prize. Specifically, she is trying to achieve one specific goal for girls around the world. Name her and describe the basic right she wants girls to have, that up to 60 million girls don’t have. (Article.)

12) Canadians helped people in West Africa battle a devastating disease. Do you know the name of the disease? (Note that since this article was published in October, Africa has made tremendous in-roads in the fight against this disease.) (Article.)

13) Some terrible, tragic incidents occurred in Ottawa in October. What happened and who helped to comfort and protect Canada’s citizens during the incident and in its aftermath? (NOTE: May not be suitable for very young children.) (Article.)

14) Internationally infamous Toronto mayor Rob Ford was replaced this year. Who became the new mayor of Toronto on October 27? (Article.)

15) Which team won the 2014 World Series of Baseball in 2014? (Article.)

16) This year marked the 25th anniversary of the tearing down of a unique structure in Germany. What was it? Why (and how) was it destroyed? (Article.)

17) More than 60 years ago, a woman refused to give up her seat on a public bus in Alabama. Who was she, and why was this act significant? (Article.)

18) An important, 10-year, billion-dollar space project resulted in scientists successfully landing a probe on a speeding comet billions of kilometres away. Name the mission and its goals. (Article.)

19) There is a country that the United States has been on unfriendly terms with since 1959. This year, they began the process of “making up.” Name the country. (Article.)