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News Quiz: What Do You Remember About 2014? (Part I)

Image: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez
Image: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez

How much do you know about the news that happened in 2014?

Take our quiz and see how much you remember about these stories from the past year. The link beside each question will take you to the TKN article that will give you the answer.

1) What took place in Sochi, Russia in February 2014? (Article.)

2) A 12-year-old boy built something out of Lego that may help blind people around the world. What was it? (Article.)

 3) What started happening in Ukraine this year that has the entire world’s attention? (Article.)

4) A famous Canadian maple tree fell and was given to artists to create artwork to preserve its wood forever. What song made the tree so important in Canadian history? (Article.)

5) Why do zebras have stripes? (We found out in 2014.) (Article.)

6) DC Comics introduced a new superhero. What is unique and special about Equinox? (Article.)

7) Donald Sterling, former owner of the LA Clippers basketball team, was banned by the NBA and fined $2.5 million. Why? (Article.)

 8) Thousands of people dumped ice water over their heads for a good cause. Name it, or the “challenge.” (Article.)

 9) A much-loved New York baseball legend retired in 2014. Name him. (Article.)