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Deer Shuts Down Major Highway

Image: Exlbris
Image: Exlbris

A deer shut down one of Canada’s major highways on the Monday afternoon of a holiday weekend.

The young doe had apparently been scared out of the woods by a dog. It ended up walking along the busy highway.

The Gardiner Expressway is a major highway that runs east and west bringing many vehicles into and out of Toronto.

The police stopped all the traffic for about three hours so they could find a way to safely rescue the deer.

The animal eventually left the highway and snuggled down in a little nook in the grass.

A veterinarian, called in from the Toronto Zoo, tranquilized the deer (gave the deer medicine to make it sleepy) and took it to a safe natural area where it was released.  It was unharmed by the incident.

A spokesperson for the zoo said that before it was released, the deer was given vitamin E and some antibiotics (medicine to keep it healthy).

By Jonathan Tilly

Writing/Discussion Prompt
Seeing a deer in the middle of a downtown Toronto highway is pretty rare. What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever seen while travelling?

Reading Prompt: Demonstrating Understanding
Demonstrate an understanding of today’s article by writing a haiku poem dedicated to either: (1) the deer, (2) the police, (3) the commuters, (4) the veterinarian. A haiku poem is a three line poem consisting of

First Line: 5 syllables
Second Line: 7 syllables
Third Line: 5 syllables

Demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts by identifying important ideas and some supporting details (OME, Reading: 1.4).

Demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts by summarizing important ideas and citing supporting details (OME, Reading: 1.4).

Demonstrate understanding of increasingly complex texts by summarizing important ideas and citing a variety of details that support the main idea (OME, Reading: 1.4).

Language Feature: Doubling letters
Today’s article includes the word “stopped.” “Stopped” is an interesting word because an additional p is added to the end of the word before the suffix -ed is added.

What other words do you know that follow this same pattern?