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Fun Quiz: 2013 In Review (Part II)

Portrait of Kate Middleton and her new baby.
Portrait of Kate Middleton and her new baby. Image: Zontal

How much do you remember about the news that happened in 2013? Our fun 2013 quiz continues.
(You’ll find Part I of our 2013 Year in Review quiz here.)

The answers to the quiz can be found by clicking on the TKN article beside each question.

16) What is a Bitcoin? (Article.)

17) In April 2014, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health was worried about the large number of overweight people in the city so he put out a news release saying he wants restaurants to add something to their menus. What does he want added? (Article.)

18) In May 2013, Chris Hadfield went home. Where was he coming from? (Article.)

Chris Hadfield. Image: NASA
Chris Hadfield. Image: NASA

19) Toronto police officer Mark Borsboom became famous when a photo of him went viral. What was he doing in the photo? (Article.)

20) Three seniors named Toka, Thika and Iringa left Toronto to live in California. Who are Toka, Thika and Iringa, and why did they have to move? (Article.)

21) Two Canadians, John Greyson and Tarek Loubani, were jailed in Egypt. They were eventually released, after pressure from many people including representatives from the Canadian government. Why had they been put in jail in the first place? (Article.)

22) In October, a Canadian short story writer won the Nobel Prize in literature. Name her. (Article.)

What does the Fox say picture book.
What does the Fox say picture book.

23) What, if anything, does the fox say? (Article.)

24) Canadians made the world’s best cheese in 2013, true or false? (Article.)

25) What is noteworthy about a certain baby named George who was born in late 2013? (Article.)

26) Where did the terrible storm, Typhoon Haiyan, cause flooding and landslides in late 2013? (Article.)

27) A famous world leader died in 2013; he was known as the Father of South Africa. Name him. Bonus: What did he do to deserve worldwide recognition and respect? (Article.)

Image: South Africa The Good News
Image: South Africa The Good News

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