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Quebec Gets A New Political Party

Coalition Avenir Quebec logoA brand new political party, the Coalition pour l’avenir du Quebec (Coalition for the Future of Quebec), was launched last Monday. A coalition is a group of people, often from different backgrounds, with the same goals.

This makes six registered political parties in the Province of Quebec, where the Liberals are in power and the Bloc Quebecois is in second place.

The leader of the new party is François Legault. He is known to Quebecers as a separatist, someone who would like to see Quebec separate from Canada to become its own country. But last week Legault spoke as though separation was not as important to him as it once was.

The Montreal Gazette, Quebec’s main English newspaper, quoted Legault as saying, “The population does not want to talk about this issue (separation). We’ve been talking about it for 40 years. It’s time we move on to other things.”

Twenty-four years ago, Legault and some business partners started the popular airline, Air Transat, and over the years he has become very wealthy.

Photo François Legault; Image: Jimmy Hamelin
Image: Jimmy Hamelin

Because of his background as a businessman, some people believe his new political role could be influenced by business goals rather than broader social, educational and health goals.

After the launch of the new party, Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec, told reporters that Legault had not mentioned the environment, seniors, family or childcare in his first speech.

A media release that was issued the same day by Legault suggested he believed these issues were important to him too and that the party intended to focus on education, healthcare, the economy, language and culture and government corruption.

By Kathleen Tilly

Writing/Discussion Prompt
Some people believe that a business background is an asset to politicians. Other people believe that a business background might negatively influence politicians.  What do you think?

Reading Prompt: Responding to and Evaluating Texts
Legault believes that the following issues are most important to Quebec: education, healthcare, the economy, language and culture and government corruption.  Others believe that issues – such as the environment, seniors and childcare – are also very important.  Using information from the text and your own ideas, explain which issues you think are the most important and why.

Make judgements and draw conclusions about the ideas and information in text and cite stated or implied evidence from the text to support their views (OME, Reading: 1.8).

Evaluate the effectiveness of both simple and complex texts based on evidence from the texts (OME, Reading: 1.8).

Grammar Feature: To, Too & Two
‘To’ is a very common word in English.  For example, this article uses the word ‘to’ eight times.  The word ‘to’ refers to a place, a direction or a position.  It is also used before a verb (action word).  The word ‘too’ means ‘also’ or ‘excessively.’  ‘Two’ refers to the number 2.

Insert the correct word (to, too, two) in the following sentences:
1. When Graham turned ___ he had a big birthday party.
2. On my walk ___ school I saw ___ dogs.
3. At the party, I ate ___ much candy and I felt sick.
4. “I am ___ tired ___ walk home,” said Noah.  “Me ____,” replied Janice.
5. “You have ___ eat your dinner before you get dessert,” said Michelle’s mother.