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Extra-Exciting Finish To A Great Year In Baseball

After 162 games, baseball’s regular season came to an exciting close.

This year, some new changes made the year even more exciting than usual.

Major League Baseball (MLB) changed the way they choose who gets to be in the playoffs this year.

And with that new system, some teams were battling for a playoff position right down to their last game.


If You Lose Your Cell Phone The Finder Will Probably Snoop Through It

Some people at a software company wanted to find out what happens when people find a cell phone.

Do they keep it, or return it? What do they do with it?

They found out that half of the people people who find a cell phone returned it. However, in nearly every case, the “finder” first looked through the information on the phone, checking out the owner’s photos, emails and apps.

In his experiment, Scott Wright, who works for Security Perspectives Inc., left 50 cell phones in various places in five cities in Canada and the United States. He left them out so they would look like they had been accidentally lost.

Kids News

13-Year-Old Hero Saves School Bus

He didn’t think he was “too young” to do something, and he didn’t wait for someone else to help — he just jumped into action.

Thirteen-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick is being hailed as a hero after he saved the schoolbus he was riding in and its passengers.

Wuitschick and about a dozen other kids were riding in the schoolbus on their way to Surprise Lake Middle School, in Milton, Washington (near Seattle).

All of a sudden, the schoolbus driver had a seizure.

In this case, a seizure is a medical condition that caused the bus driver to uncontrollably twist around in his seat.

He lost control of the bus, which veered off the road, according to the Los Angeles Times news website.