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Get Ready For The Super Bowl This Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here.

On February 2, professional football’s biggest and most important game — the Super Bowl — will take place.

The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will be battling each other for league supremacy.

Denver enters the game with the league’s number-one offence. Seattle enters the game with the league’s number-one defence.

Denver has one of the best quarterbacks ever to play football: Peyton Manning.

He is the only player ever selected league as the National Football League Most Valuable Player four times. He’s expected to become the first five-time MVP when the league’s year-end awards are announced on Saturday.

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The National Football League… Expect the Unexpected

The NFL (National Football League) is in full swing and many exciting stories have already begun to unfold.

Although the league opened just three weeks ago, teams have already surprised their fans, for better and for worse.

Seven of the 32 teams in the league are now 3-0 (3 wins – no losses).

But it may not be the teams you would expect.

Favourites such as The Seattle Seahawks, The Denver Broncos and The New England Patriots are 3-0, but so are The Kansas City Chiefs, The Miami Dolphins, The Chicago Bears, and The New Orleans Saints—four teams that didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

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Bad Calls By Replacement Refs Irritating NFL Players, Fans

In any sport, referees sometimes make mistakes.

After all, no one’s perfect.

But major league football teams have been irritated by the unusually high number of bad mistakes made by the referees these days, including a bizarre call on Monday night.

The National Football League (NFL) is using stand-in refs.

The league’s usual referees are in a contract dispute and are unable to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

So the NFL has brought in replacement refs that aren’t as well trained or as experienced.

And they’re making some bad calls.

On Monday night, there was an especially poor call made by a ref that directly affected the outcome of a game.