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New Jersey Governor Embarrassed After Staff Member Caused Massive Traffic Jam

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has had a rough start to the new year.

He’s a man the Republican Party in the U.S. is hoping will become a candidate for President of the United States one day.

But what happened recently may have put an end to that hope.

It goes back to an incident that happened last September.

That month, there was a huge traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge, a bridge that links New York and New Jersey.

This wasn’t just any traffic jam.

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U.S. Government Partially Shut Down

The U.S. government was partially shut down on Monday.

More than 800,000 government workers were forced to stop working.

They won’t get paid during the shutdown.

More than 400 public sites that are run by the federal government were closed.

They include national parks, monuments such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, historic sites, lakeshores and walking trails.

About 97 per cent of NASA employees will be sent home during the shutdown, according to The Washington Post newspaper.

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Is This The Next President Of The United States?

The Republicans in the United States likely have their next presidential nominee: Mitt Romney.

Romney is the Republican who will most likely become the party’s nominee for president.

That’s because his closest rival, Rick Santorum, stepped down this week.

The Republicans have been going through a long and intense process of selecting their new nominee.

Romney—who will still have to be officially elected by the party’s members—would replace former president George W. Bush.

Unless something major happens to upset the apple cart, Romney will become the new nominee.