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Mitt Romney speaking in Washington D.C on February 11, 2011.
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Republicans Prepare For U.S. Election In November

There are two main political parties in the United States: the Republicans and the Democrats.

Right now, the Republicans have to choose someone to run for president against Democrat Barack Obama, in time for the presidential election on Nov. 6.

To pick a Republican candidate, every state in the U.S. holds an early election called a primary.

The front-runner in the Republican race is Mitt Romney, who was the Governor of Massachusetts and is now in business.

Two students protest Rob Ford's proposal to cut funding for some Toronto swimming pools
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Toronto Kids Learn Lessons At City Hall

Yesterday, some schoolkids in Toronto learned first-hand what democracy is all about.

Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford, was proposing some cuts to the city’s budget.

He said many of the city’s services should go on the chopping block to balance the city’s budget, including closing down services at: 10 arenas, three daycares, three shelters, a city zoo and a farm on Toronto Island.

The city also proposed cutting services like swimming lessons at five swimming pools in Toronto schools. That could potentially lead to the pools being closed in the future.

The parents and kids at those schools went into action to try to prevent the budget cuts.

euro banknotes
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The Euro’s Tenth Birthday Not A Happy One

This year, the “euro” celebrates its tenth anniversary.

The euro is a unit of money (or “currency”) that is used by 17 countries in Europe.

It wasn’t always that way.

Before the euro, every country had its own currency.

For instance, France had the franc, Italy had the lira, Germany had the Deutschmark and so on.

The euro was created in 2002 when a group of European politicians and financial leaders decided it would be helpful if they had the same type of money.

The idea of the euro was to make it easier for countries to buy and sell more easily between themselves, because they would all be using the same currency.

Jack Layton headshot

2011 – Year In Review (Part II)

Every year, news editors across Canada vote for the “newsmaker of the year” – the person who dominated the headlines.

For 2011, that person was Jack Layton.

A whopping 90 per cent of editors polled said they thought the NDP leader was the newsmaker of the year.

Layton helped to build his political party up from just 19 seats in 2003 when he took over as leader, to 103 seats last year — enough to make the NDP Canada’s national opposition party for the first time in history.

Layton died from cancer in 2011 and the country mourned for this great “representative of the people.”

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G’bye 2011, Hello 2012 (Year In Review, Part I)

There were many fascinating news stories in 2011.

Today and tomorrow TKN takes a look at some of the most significant news stories from the past year.

Protests and dissent

The year 2011 may be known as the year of “dissent” – the year people protested. In a number of Arab countries — including Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and Libya — people took to the streets to protest against their governments and many leaders were ousted.

It was known as the Arab Spring.

There were other protests closer to home. In North America and many other places around the world, young people rose up to protest the growing difference between the rich (the one per cent) and the rest (the 99 per cent).

Kim Jong-il; Image: www.kremlin.ru.
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North Korea’s Kim Jong-il Dead

The ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, passed away on Saturday.

He died, at age 69, of heart failure.

North Korea’s people know him as “Dear Leader.” They went into the streets to mourn his passing.

However, his death creates a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in North Korea.

Many world leaders are concerned about the situation there now.

One reason is that North Korea has nuclear weapons, so nearby countries like Japan and in particular South Korea, reportedly have their military on “high alert.”

Another reason for concern is that before his death, Kim passed control of the country to one of his sons, Kim Jong-un, who is in his 20s.

Kim Jong-un is largely unknown to other world leaders. In fact, until two years ago, the only picture the CIA had of him was as a student in short pants at a school he was attending in Switzerland.

Barack Obama and Stephen Harper
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Harper And Obama Agree On A New Border Plan

Canada and the United States are working together to make it easier for people to travel across their common border.

This week, U.S. President Barack Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, agreed to a “cross-border plan” to make it easier and quicker for Canadians to travel to the U.S. It will also help companies in both countries to do business together.

Harper has agreed to a “common perimeter”–a type of border all around North America–so more careful checking can be done on who and what comes across the borders from Canada. Canada has also agreed to get more information about people when they come into Canada from other countries and to put in American-style bomb detection machines for checking luggage.

Rich and poor
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Gap Between Rich-Poor Growing: OECD

Canada’s rich people are getting richer and the country’s poor people are getting poorer.

That’s because the gap — or distance — between the amount of money the richest and poorest people earn at their jobs is widening.

The richest Canadians earn 10 times more than the poorest.

That means if the average rich person earns about $100,000 a year, the poorest earns only about $10,000 for a whole year.

A new report by an international organization called the OECD* said the same thing has been happening in many countries including the United States.

It has been happening since the 1990s, before the new millennium.

NDP logo
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Who Will Fill Jack Layton’s Shoes?

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is going to elect a new leader.

The NDP is Canada’s official opposition party.

The leader of the NDP was Jack Layton. He passed away last August from cancer.

It will be hard to fill his shoes, because he was well respected and liked not just by members of his own party, but by Canadians across the country.

There are nine candidates vying to be leader of the NDP.

On Sunday night they held a leadership debate.

A debate is when candidates talk about the issues, and say why they think they’d make the best leader.