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Lance Armstrong Confesses, In Oprah Interviews

Was there really anyone left who still believed he didn’t cheat?

If so, even they would have to admit that Lance Armstrong did cheat at cycling.

That’s because he himself recently came clean about it, to celebrity interviewer Oprah Winfrey.

The renowned cyclist won seven Tour de France victories–more than anyone else.

The Tour de France is the sport’s most gruelling and prestigious race.

For years, Armstrong has been accused of cheating by using performance enhancing drugs that aren’t allowed in competitive racing.

He always denied it. Vehemently.

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World Renowned Cyclist Lance Armstrong Cheated, Erased From Record Books

Lance Armstrong “has no place in cycling,” the president of the governing body for cycling said this week.

And with those words, the organization took away Armstrong’s seven Tour de France victories. They also banned him for life from competing in cycling.

Even though Armstrong came in first in those races, he used banned performance enhancing drugs to help him compete and win races.

So the International Cycling Union (UCI) is erasing him from the sport’s history books.