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Canadian-Owned “I’ll Have Another” Retires

Canadian-owned I’ll Have Another was a favourite to win the Belmont Stakes horse race this year.

The race was held last Saturday.

If he’d won, he would also have won all three of the major horse races and become the U.S. Triple Crown winner, every horse-owner’s dream.

However, it wasn’t to be.

Just before the big race, his trainer announced that the horse had tendonitis in his left front leg and would not be able to race. The owner decided to retire the colt from racing.

The good news is that I’ll Have Another will recover from his injury and will be fine. It’s likely that the horse will become a stud, which means that he will father other colts which may go on to become excellent race horses themselves. In that way, I’ll Have Another’s legacy will live on.

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Canadian-Owned Horse Has A Chance To Win U.S. Triple Crown

“I’ll Have Another” did indeed have another, just last Saturday.

Canadian-owned horse, “I’ll Have Another” (yes, that’s its name) won the 137th Preakness Stakes.

Blazing down the stretch, “I’ll Have Another” pushed hard with each powerful stride to cross the finish line first — winning by only the length of its neck.

It was a very close and exciting finish. The horse was jockeyed by Mario Gutierrez.

The jockey is the person who rides and directs the horse in the race.