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U Of T Investigates Former TDSB Director For Cheating

The former director of Canada’s largest school board is being investigated for cheating on an important document he wrote during his university days, according to The Globe and Mail newspaper.

Chris Spence quit his job as head of the Toronto District School Board in January 2013 after some people accused him of having “plagiarized.” Plagiarism is when you write down someone’s else’s words as though they were your own.

The Toronto District School Board will have a new Director of Education in 2013. Image: Wikipedia

Head Of Canada’s Largest School Board Resigns Over Plagiarism

Last week, thousands of children in Toronto learned an important lesson about the seriousness of plagiarism, from the head of the largest school board in Canada.

Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s work and claim the ideas or writing as your own.

When you use someone else’s writing in a school report, for instance, you must let the reader know where the passage came from.

That’s known as “citing the source” or “giving attribution.”