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Which Logo Will Be Chosen For Canada’s Sesquicentennial (150th)?

In 2017, Canada turns 150.

That’s a “milestone” birthday–known as a sesquicentennial–and the government will be doing a lot of special things to celebrate that year.

In anticipation of 2017, the government tested five different logos to decide which one would best represent the country’s 150th.

The logos were designed by the Department of Canadian Heritage, a department in the Canadian government that is responsible for programs relating to the arts, culture, official languages and multiculturalism.

Each logo features the colour red and has a maple leaf, like the Canadian flag.

And each logo features the number 150 and the word Canada.

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Want To Be An Astronaut? A New Post Has Just Opened Up

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield will soon be simply, “Mr. Hadfield.”

That’s because he has announced that he is resigning.

In this case, “resigning” means stopping his job as an astronaut.

Hadfield has been an astronaut for 35 years.

Recently, he gained wide popularity after sending photos and videos to Earth from the International Space Station.

Many people around the world enjoyed his tweets and Facebook posts from space.