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Pablo Sandoval
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A Giant Panda Makes His Mark On Baseball

He’s a giant among Giants, and now his name will forever be in baseball’s record books.

Wednesday night was the first game in this year’s World Series. The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Since 1903, the World Series has been the big, end-of-season battle between the best teams from the American League and National League.

This year the Detroit Tigers of the American League are playing the San Francisco Giants of the National League.

In game one on Wednesday night, history was made. The Giants beat the Tigers and their impressive pitcher, Justin Verlander.

The Giants won 8-3. They took a 1-0 series lead in the best-of-seven series.

The highlight of the night, however, was made by the Giants’s heavy-hitting third baseman, Pablo Sandoval.

Sandoval was born in Venezuela. He is affectionately known to his teammates as Kung Fu Panda.

Image: Keith Allison

Miracle Night In New York

The Major League Baseball playoffs continue to deliver excitement.

The New York Yankees are playing the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Division Series (ALDS).

In game three of the best-of-five series, the Yankees pulled off a very dramatic win on Wednesday.
It started with a bold move by the Yankees manager, Joe Girardi. The manager is responsible for team strategy on the field and team leadership.

In the ninth inning of game three, Girardi had to make a tough decision. He chose to pinch hit for Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is currently ranked fifth on the all-time home run list.

He is also the highest paid player in baseball, with an annual salary of $30-million. He makes about $6-million more than any other player.

Image: Tage Olsin

Extra-Exciting Finish To A Great Year In Baseball

After 162 games, baseball’s regular season came to an exciting close.

This year, some new changes made the year even more exciting than usual.

Major League Baseball (MLB) changed the way they choose who gets to be in the playoffs this year.

And with that new system, some teams were battling for a playoff position right down to their last game.

Brett Lawrie
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Brett Lawrie Loses His Cool (Column)

On Tuesday, Brett Lawrie — a baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays — lost control of his emotions during a game.

Lawrie was batting, and the umpire made a couple of calls that Lawrie disagreed with.

In Major League Baseball (MLB), there are four umpires including the home-plate umpire.

He is the one who decides if a pitch was a “ball” or a “strike.”

The pitcher pitches and when the ball crosses home plate the umpire makes a quick decision as to whether it was a good pitch (called a strike) or a bad pitch (called a ball).

If a batter gets three strikes against him he strikes out.

If a batter gets four balls against him he gets a ‘walk’ and is allowed to go to first base.

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Team Losing? Bring On The Rally Monkey!

When the Los Angeles Angels baseball team is losing, they’ve got a strange and funny way of rallying the team.

A rally, in this case, means when the fans and players on the losing team get themselves all fired up so they can try even harder to win the game.

For some baseball teams, fans use “rally towels” to try to help them rally. A rally towel is a white towel that fans bring out when their team is losing; they twirl the towels over their heads. The team sees all the white towels and realizes that the fans are behind them and want them to win.

For other baseball teams, fans wear “rally caps.” A rally cap is simply a baseball cap worn inside-out and backwards. It’s the fans’ way of saying, “Let’s go, team! We can win it!”

But the Los Angeles Angels may have the strangest way of rallying the team. They have a rally monkey.

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A Great Time To Be A Sports Fan

There are exciting things happening in baseball, hockey, basketball, golf and soccer.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is just getting underway.

Every team is hoping to make it to the World Series in October.

But that’s about 150 games away.

The Blue Jays have a real shot at it this year, and that has some of the American teams nervous.

Will a Canadian team win against the Americans in “their” sport?

It’s happened before—in 1992 and 1993 when the Jays won the World Series. You never know!

Jamie Moyer

Rockies Pitcher Jamie Moyer Not Letting Age Deter Him

Major League Baseball (MLB) begins on April 4.

Until then, the baseball players are in spring training to fine-tune their skills.

The teams, fans and players are hoping to have a great year—and none more so than 49-year-old pitching hopeful, Jamie Moyer.

If Moyer wins a game this season, he’ll be the oldest pitcher in MLB history to win a regular season game according to the Elias Sports Bureau, an organization that keeps track of baseball statistics.

A Uganda Little League Baseball team.
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Canadian Little Leaguers Travel To Uganda

In the African country of Uganda, there are two million orphans. Nearly half of the children have lost their parents from AIDS, a terrible and widespread disease.

Many children are very poor. Many live in slums.

However, some children in Uganda have found something great that helps them in their lives: playing baseball.

Uganda’s Little League team is very good. So good, in fact, that last year they beat the team that had held the regional championship for 11 years, Saudi Arabia.

It was the first time that an African team had won the regional tournament.


Baseball’s Pujols Hits Three Homers In World Series Game

Many people enjoy the Fall because of the beautiful colours of the leaves, but to baseball fans, the Fall is especially wonderful because it also means the beginning of the World Series.

This year, the two teams competing in the World Series are the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

And while both teams are capable of winning the championship–the series is tied at 2-2–the Cardinals have shown they can score a ton of runs, thanks in large part to the play of their first baseman, Albert Pujols.

On Saturday, Pujols played one of the finest games of baseball ever played in the World Series.

Not only did he hit three home runs, he also collected six RBI (Runs Batted In), and hit two singles.

Pujols’ terrific day at the plate put him among baseball’s elite.