Author: Jonathan Tilly


Dream Weekend For Canadian Football Fans

Last weekend, Canadian football fans had a lot to be happy about.

First, they were treated to one of the best Vanier Cups of all time.

Then, the Canadian Football League’s (CFL’s) biggest prize, The Grey Cup, was also awarded.

On Friday, two very different teams competed for the Vanier Cup, the trophy for Canadian Inter-university Sport (CIS) football.

Laval, the defending champions, boasted an incredible defense which allowed opponents a measly 12 points a game throughout the 2011 season.

McMaster, which hadn’t appeared in the CIS final in 41 years, possessed a strong offense featuring one of the league’s top quarterbacks, Kyle Quinlan.


Baseball’s Pujols Hits Three Homers In World Series Game

Many people enjoy the Fall because of the beautiful colours of the leaves, but to baseball fans, the Fall is especially wonderful because it also means the beginning of the World Series.

This year, the two teams competing in the World Series are the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

And while both teams are capable of winning the championship–the series is tied at 2-2–the Cardinals have shown they can score a ton of runs, thanks in large part to the play of their first baseman, Albert Pujols.

On Saturday, Pujols played one of the finest games of baseball ever played in the World Series.

Not only did he hit three home runs, he also collected six RBI (Runs Batted In), and hit two singles.

Pujols’ terrific day at the plate put him among baseball’s elite.


Alberta’s First Female Premier

Alison Redford will be Alberta’s first female premier.

Her political party, the Alberta Progressive Conservatives, voted her in as their leader on Sunday.

She replaces Ed Stelmach, who had stepped down. He was the leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative party, and the premier of the province.

By replacing Stelmach, Redford will not only be the party’s leader but the province’s premier as well – at least until the next provincial election (likely in 2012) when the public will help to choose who the premier will be.

Until she is sworn in as premier, her title is Premier-Designate.

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NFL Football Season Begins… Phew!

The National Football League (NFL) just completed its first week of the season.

It was an eventful week that saw all 32 teams play. But the season almost didn’t happen.

Over the summer the players and the owners argued over many different issues including the safety of the players, the number of games each team plays, and the players’ salaries.

Many experts believed that the season would be “lost.” They thought that football, like hockey in 2004, would simply be cancelled.

The owners and players discussed their concerns throughout the summer and, on July 25, they finally announced they had come to an agreement about these important issues.


The NHL Season in Review – Column

With only a few games left to play in the National Hockey League season, it’s a good time to look at how well or in some cases, poorly the Canadian teams performed.

Canada has a total of six hockey teams. From east to west they are: The Montreal Canadiens, The Ottawa Senators, The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Edmonton Oilers, The Calgary Flames, and The Vancouver Canucks.

The Montreal Canadiens had quite a good season. They won 43 games and earned 93 points. This success guaranteed them a spot in the playoffs and a chance to win the Stanley Cup. All that remains to be seen is who they will play in the first round.