One Good Thing

One Good Thing: Squirrel-Bandits

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This delightful squirrel is an original for One Good Thing by artist and author Kevin Sylvester. Check out his books on his website, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Follow him on Twitter @kevinarts.

To be clear right off the bat, not “squirrel bandits” but squirrel-bandits. Bandits who happen to be squirrels. You’ll see–read on.

Karen Granger and her husband, Daryl, are photographers living in Simcoe, Ontario. They have a photography business called RoseLe Studio.

When their business slowed down because of the pandemic, they put their awesome set-building skills to a different use, creating miniature outdoor backdrops for backyard animals. One of their latest is this Nut Vault, which, the squirrel-bandits will discover, is full of golden peanuts. The Grangers staged a “robbery” of the vault by the squirrels and even followed it up with a video by an OPP officer who arrested the perpetrators and carted them off to squirrel jail.

Check out the Nut Vault story on their Facebook page, as well as several other squirrel sets and lots of great, behind-the-scenes images of their set designs. Here’s their company website so you can hire them after the pandemic is behind us.

From Karen and Daryl Granger RoseLeStudio Facebook page.
Their company website:
Their company website:
Their company website:

And speaking of squirrels, check out Mark Rober’s squirrel obstacle course:

Mark Rober, YouTube

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