One Good Thing

One Good Thing: The Getty Museum Challenge

This hilarious and very appropriate cartoon is by artist Cheryl E. Uhrig. (At the end of this article we’ve posted more of her “dogs and art” drawings.)

The Getty Museum issued a challenge to bored housebound people everywhere: recreate famous paintings, using just three everyday objects. The results are hilarious–and definitely a Good Thing. Here are just a few of the recreations you’ll find under the #GettyMuseumChallenge on Twitter.

This one is by the Helliwell family, posted on Twitter by Andy Helliwell. Awesome. (He’s posted a few of them, actually. So good.)
Johannes Vemeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” posted on Twitter by @karabibervetuz.
Posted by LONye on Twitter. Awesome.

As always, we caution: This doesn’t mean you have to do this. In fact, we’re going to issue you a challenge–just enjoy these and don’t stress about what you and your family “aren’t doing” or “should be doing” during this pandemic. Just enjoy. That’s a good thing in itself.

If you want to check out more of these recreations, follow #GettyMuseumChallenge on Twitter. There is also a pretty good string of them in this Daily Mail article and this article by The Independent which you can scroll through.

And if you want to check out other resources from the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles–virtually, of course–including how to create a museum in Animal Crossing–go to their website here.


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Here’s another one from Cheryl E. Uhrig‘s awesome “dogs and art” series.
Here’s yet another great cartoon from Cheryl E. Uhrig‘s awesome “dogs and art” series.