One Good Thing

One Good Thing: Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Photo by K B on Unsplash (Click on this image to play, or use the link at the end of this article.)

This is a fun activity for kids and anyone who wants to take their brain for a little stretch. It takes about 15 minutes to play, and it’s suitable for all ages.

It was created by librarian Sydney Krawiec at Peters Township Public Library in Pennsylvania. Since they posted it on their Facebook page on March 19, has been played by more than 225,000 users from 22 countries.

Not only is it fun, but it helps boost math, literacy and critical thinking skills.

The game plays just like a real-life escape room. You’re stuck in a room and to get out, you need to solve three puzzles, by answering multiple choice questions.

It’s based on Harry Potter — but you don’t need to have the Potter canon memorized. All of the Potter information you’ll need (for instance, how many Sickles in a Galleon–anyone? anyone?) is provided for you.

If you’re playing with a young person, I suggest that you encourage them not to just guess at the answers. It’s much more fun and satisfying if you take the time to think about them and figure them out. (And of course, it’s always a good idea to play the game once yourself, to see if it’s the right age level for your young person. At least, that can be your excuse.)

To play, click on the link below or the image at the top of this article.

There’s more information here about how the game was created. And do visit the Peters Township Public Library website because it’s particularly excellent, especially if you’ve got kids. There are tons of great reading recommendations based on age, and resources as well.

If you’d like to create your own virtual escape room, here’s a great tutorial by librarian Sydney Krawiec.

Terrific 14-minute video tutorial on how to build a virtual escape room, by librarian extraordinaire Sydney Krawiec.