One Good Thing

One Good Thing: Making a Paper Airplane

Thank you to artist Jeremy Tankard and Scholastic for allowing us to share with you this gorgeous illustration. Visit his website at
Illustration from Sleepy Bird copyright © 2018 by Jeremy Tankard. 
Reproduced by permission of Scholastic Canada Ltd.

Making and flying paper airplanes is a good thing. You can fly them indoors (usually) and in confined outdoor spaces like backyards, driveways or on the sidewalk. They’re inexpensive and can be really fun to make.

They’re even better when they fly really far. But that’s often hard to do; the classic, five-fold paper airplane is awesome but it doesn’t always fly well.

In this YouTube video, you get step-by-step instructions on making five paper airplanes that are pretty simple (like, medium-hard, maybe) but most important, fly really far.

I clicked on PPO, who posted the video, to find out who they are — they have a YouTube channel where they show you how to make lots of origami things, like a Ninja Star, one of those “open the flap” finger thingies, and different kinds of flowers. Here’s that channel:

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