One Good Thing

One Good Thing: Mrs. Button

A beautiful illustration of a preschool parade that is One Good Thing, by Rebecca Bender.
This image of the preschool parades we can look forward to is by esteemed Canadian illustrator and author Rebecca Bender. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @LittleStRebecca and Instagram @r_bender.

I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Button is the kindergarten teacher we all remember–or wish we’d had–when we were five.

Gather your youngest ones around the computer monitor and enjoy this lovely 11-minute kindergarten class and book reading:

Lana Button is an ECE teacher in Canada. Her books are available on her website here.

Mrs. Button is a Canadian children’s author (and a friend of mine), and that’s her book she’s reading, Willow’s Whispers. All of her books foster empathy and compassion and I’m not going to lie, her latest one What if Bunny’s not a Bully? made me teary. Spoiler: I don’t think Bunny is a bully! She was just misunderstood. Waaaah!

Mrs. Button, and all of the teachers and authors out there who are doing readings on the Internet are very good things.

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And by the way, kids, you can send your artwork to Mrs. Button at Parents, you can follow her @LanaButton on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Fun fact: On the walls in Rebecca’s illustration are scribbles and drawings that her daughter did in kindergarten. How lovely is that?! Follow Rebecca on Twitter @LittleStRebecca and Instagram @r_bender.