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(Grades 4 -6 Music/Drama) “Large Storms affecting Caribbean, USA”

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Map Plotting the Track and Intensity of Hurricane Irma. Image: OverlordQ
Map Plotting the Track and Intensity of Hurricane Irma. Image: OverlordQ


By Pauline Olthof


Using the TKN article “Large Storms affecting Caribbean, USA”


  • Students read the article together, including the one on how to name a hurricane
  • Students brainstorm words associated with a storm, think about emotions they feel during a storm or hurricane or give words to describe a past experience with weather
  • Students write a melody to reflect the emotion of a storm, hurricane after reading the article OR change the lyrics of a song to reflect information about how storms, hurricanes are names in a rap, country or rock song and perform it after being given class time to work on it.


  • Students could also work on a dance that illustrates elements of a storm including the strong wind, rain, thunder, lightning. Ask students: if a storm were a dance, what would it look like?

Teachers could also connect this activity to this article to look at how music/drama can show emotion:

Curriculum Connections:

C1.3-create musical compositions for specific purposes and audiences (Grade 6 Music)


B1.1-engage actively in drama exploration and role play, with a focus on identifying and

examining a range of issues, themes, and ideas from a variety of fiction and non-fiction sources

and diverse communities, times, and places (grade 6 drama)