In-Class Ideas

(Grades 4-6 Science and Language Arts) “How Much Food do you waste?”

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Based on TKN article: “How Much Food Do You Waste?” by Monique Conrad

In-Class Activity by Pauline Olthof-Youn


  • Teacher brings in a fruit or vegetable, bread, butter close to best-before date

Date is recorded, food is put in glass jar so it can be easily seen.

  • Every day, for 2 weeks or until mold is detected, students record the changes to the appearance and smell of the food to see how long it takes before it goes bad. Make a chart for students.
  • Students could record the information in a chart and compare it to the best before date recorded. Discuss, is the date on the package and the date it went bad the same?
  • Discuss possible reasons why the best before date may be different than the best before date students recorded.

Curriculum Connection

By the end of Grade 5, students will: evaluate the environmental impacts of processes that change one product into another through physical or chemical changes



Students can make posters or pamphlets using drawings, photographs they have taken, collages about why getting rid of food before best before date of food is wasteful and include important facts from the article including websites.

Teachers look into visiting a food bank as a class trip and taking pictures about how food banks work to put into their art work.

Curriculum Connections (grade 4/5/6)

D1.3: use elements of design in art works to communicate ideas, messages, and understanding

D:.4 use a variety of materials, tools, and techniques to determine solutions to design