Keep Reading All Summer!

As you know, in the summer TKN takes a break from publishing the news. But that doesn’t mean you should take a break from the news!

Here are some great ways to stay up-to-date and reading this summer.

Choose from the more than 940 articles in our archives (search top-right, click on the magnifying glass).

Try these interesting key words to discover some really cool articles (trust us–try them!): chameleon, couch, space, lottery, coffee, hadfield, movie, sports.

Subscribe to a kids’ magazine (or, better yet, ask a grandparent to subscribe you–they’re always looking for great gift ideas).

Check out our sister website, Getting Kids Reading (

Buy Joyce’s book, Tagged Out! It’s about baseball, and there’s a new one coming out in 2018. —> (This arrow is subtly pointing to the big picture of her book cover, which you can click on.)

Visit your local library. Many of them have fun summer programs, too.

Visit our Facebook page. We’re still publishing stuff there–we just never stop. You can leave comments there, too.

Follow us on Twitter @teachkidsnews.

Whatever you do, keep reading over the summer. You’ll be much better prepared once school is back in–and you’ll learn a bunch of things, too.

See you when school starts in September!