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TIFF’s Kids International Film Festival 2015 Includes Films, Activities, Contest

TKN exclusive report by Julia Mohamed

Young movie lovers are uniting in Toronto this week with the return of the TIFF Kids International Film Festival. The festival is celebrating its 18th year and highlights some of the world’s best cinema geared for kids aged three to 13. Filmmakers also have a chance to compete in a short film contest through TIFF’s Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase. The TIFF Kids International Film Festival runs April 7 to 19. Tickets are available online or in person at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Video, 2:25

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By Jonathan Tilly

Writing/Discussion Prompt
TIFF’s digiPlayspace is an interactive exhibition that kids love to explore. Children get to enjoy creating, designing, and playing in the “playground of the future.”

If you could make an installation for the digiPlayspace, what would it be? How would your installation help to teach others about media and technology?

Reading Prompt: Purpose
In her interview, the director of TIFF Kids, Elizabeth Muskala, explains that movies rely on great stories and that “young people are drawn to stories.” 

Why do you think people are drawn to the stories of others?
Do you think that young people are especially interested in stories?

Primary, Junior, & Intermediate
Identify a variety of purposes for reading and choose reading materials appropriate for those purposes (OME, Reading: 1.2).

Media Literacy Feature: Understanding Media Forms & Conventions, and Techniques
Today’s article, wasn’t an article at all–it was a video! TKN reporter, Julia Mohamed, made her report using cameras, lights, microphones, and many other devices. She carefully put together her clips and sounds to tell the story of TIFF’s Children’s Festival.

How is a video news report different from a news article?
How are they the same? Is one better than the other? Why?