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Thousands Dress Up As Santa, Elves For Fun Run In Spain

Santa Run 2013; image, Facebook page, Carrera Popular del PapaNoel
Santa Run 2013; image, Facebook page, Carrera Popular del PapaNoel

More than 6,000 adults dressed up as Santa Claus ran through the streets of Madrid, in Spain, just before Christmas.

Children dressed up as elves and ran the mini-marathon through the streets of Spain’s capital city–about 5.5 kilometres.

The run was organized by one of Europe’s biggest department store chains, El Corte Inglés. The store’s managers felt that the colourful run would bring people together in a positive way.

Many countries in Europe has been having difficult financial times in the last few years. Many companies stopped hiring new people and jobs have become harder and harder to get.

Spain is one of the hardest hit countries, especially for younger people. More than one-half of Spain’s youth who need work don’t have jobs. They are depressed and finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit.

Saturday’s Christmas fun run helped raise people’s spirits. The department store donated  1 € (one euro; about $1.46) for each person who ran. The money went to buy Christmas presents for children around the world who live in poverty.


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