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Pottermore Revealed… Sort Of

Pottermore Chessboard chamberHarry Potter author J. K. Rowling has finally revealed some of what will have on it. But it will be a bit difficult to understand exactly what will be on the new website until it’s fully up and running and that won’t be until October for most people.

One million lucky Harry Potter fans will be able to test the Pottermore site in a sneak preview starting on July 31, Harry’s birthday.

In a YouTube announcement and during a media conference in London, England, Rowling revealed that Pottermore will:

  • Include more information and “back story” on some of the Harry Potter characters including Professor McGonagall (her childhood, ministry career, early heartbreak and her long friendship with Dumbledore), and how Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon met (at work, apparently).
  • Include more than 18,000 words about Harry Potter and the characters, written by Rowling.
  • Include a Pottermore shop where you can buy Harry Potter ebooks (digital books).
  • Allow fans to submit comments, drawings and other content.

At the media conference, which was held at the famous Victoria and Albert museum in London, Rowling said the idea for the new website came from a discussion she had with her literary agent about how to take Potter into the digital age.

According to HP fansite The Leaky Cauldron, on the Pottermore site people will be sorted into houses. During this process, the Sorting Hat will reveal the questions it asks people who are being sorted.

Pottermore will also reveal the magic behind the Wand Chooser, which will find the right wand for each user from more than 33,000 possible combinations.Pottermore: Gryffindor

In her YouTube announcement, Rowling said that 13 years after the first Harry Potter book was published, “I’m still astonished and delighted by the response the story has met… I’m still receiving hundreds of letters every week and Harry’s fans remain as enthusiastic and inventive as ever.”

She said that Pottermore will be, “a safe, unique, online reading experience built around the Harry Potter books. Pottermore will be the place where fans of any age can share, participate in and rediscover the stories.”

She added that she will also be joining in, by sharing “additional information I’ve been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter.”

Some screen shots (on this page), from The Leaky Cauldron, give a slightly better sense of what Pottermore will have on it.

Harry Potter fans should return to in October to see it as it is revealed to the public in full. Super-fans can go to now and submit an email address to receive updates and enter the contest to be one of the lucky 1,000,000 people to test the site on July 31.

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Writing/Discussion Prompt
Rowling explained that her new website is designed to “take Potter into the digital age.” What does she mean by this?
Since computers are so common amongst children and adults, many people are worried that traditional books (that are made out of paper) will become less and less popular.  Do you agree?  Which do you prefer: reading paper texts or reading online? Why is this your preference?

Reading Prompt
Rowling explained that her new site,, will be interesting for “fans of any age.” Although many people label Harry Potter as a children’s book series, many adults love reading them too. Why do you think both children and adults enjoy Harry Potter books and movies?

Express personal thoughts and feelings about what has been read (OME, Reading: 1.8).

Make judgements and draw conclusions about the ideas and information in texts and cite stated or implied evidence from the text to support their views (OME, Reading: 1.8).

Evaluate the effectiveness of both simple and complex texts based on evidence from the texts (OME, Reading: 1.8).

Grammar Feature: Compound Words
Compound words are when two small words join together to make a new word.  Some compound words that are in the article are:
1. fansite (combines ‘fan’ and ‘site’)
2. Pottermore (combines ‘Potter’ and ‘more’)
Think of at least 10 more compound words and identify which two words make up each compound word.