Apple Unveils The iPad 2

iPad 2Last year Apple invented an amazing new piece of technology, called the iPad. It was different from anything anyone had seen before. It is a slim, flat screen but it acts like a computer. And because it’s a “touch-screen,” you use your fingers to move and open files.

Last week, Apple announced the iPad 2, a new and improved version of the iPad.

The company was very excited about the iPad 2. In fact, the head of the company, Steve Jobs, has been away sick for a long time but he came back to make the announcement himself.

He talked about the new features the iPad 2 has and why it is better than the old version.

For one thing, the iPad is much thinner than the old one. In fact, it’s even thinner than an iPhone! It’s also lighter than the old iPad. But don’t let its size fool you. Even though it’s now super small, it has twice the speed of the old iPad.

The new iPad also has two cameras. You can use the camera at the front to put you and a friend you’re talking to face-to-face and switch to the back camera to show them where you are, who you’re with and what’s happening around you.

The cameras also let you take silly pictures with a program called PhotoBooth that can twist and stretch your face, like you’re in a house of mirrors. The new iPad also has a magnetic cover that comes in 10 colours, to protect the screen and also to hold the iPad at an angle when you’re using it.The iPad 2 from Apple.

Even with all of these new features, the iPad 2 will cost the same as the old iPad—about $400. It will be in Canadian stores by the end of this month.

What did CEO Steve Jobs have to say about the iPad 2?

“Technology alone is not enough. That it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities… that makes our hearts sing.”

He’s saying that it’s not the features of the iPad (such as the size or the cameras) that make it a joy to have. It is the fun it brings to our lives.


Writing/Discussion Prompt
Technology is always changing. Apple is a company that often tries to improve its devices. Design a device that you think would be useful and popular (draw a picture and write the important features).

Reading Prompt
Today’s article includes a quote by Steve Jobs, the head of the Apple computer company. Some of the words he said are not very easy to understand. However, when you read his words, could you take a guess at his meaning? How were you able to make your guess? What clues and strategies did you use to help you understand?

Primary & Junior
Predict the meaning of and rapidly solve unfamiliar words using different types of cues, including:
• syntactic (language structure) cues (e.g., word order, language patterns, punctuation) (OME, Reading: 3.2).

Grammar Feature: it’s vs. its
There is one mistake that everyone always seems to make in their writing: knowing when to use the word “its” and when to use the word “it’s.” Knowing what the words mean is the only way to make sure you’re using them right. “It’s” means it is. “Its” means belonging to it.

“But don’t let its size fool you. Even though it’s now super small, it has twice the speed of the old iPad.”

Write the correct “its” or “it’s” on the lines below.

_________ cold in January.
I think _________ his coat.
The car is old and _______ doors are brown.
The store is having _________ special sale.
I told Raji that  _____________ time to go home.
________ eyes were black and _______ teeth were green!