Hannah Montana Show Ruined Our Family: Billy Ray Cyrus

music-25705_960_720Miley Cyrus’s dad is worried about her.

Billy Ray Cyrus recently gave an interview with a major magazine, GQ. He told them that his daughter’s TV show, Hannah Montana, destroyed his family, causing his divorce from his wife and sending Miley “spinning out of control.”

He said that filming the show, and having to do TV and radio interviews to promote it, put a lot of pressure on the family.

He said his daughter started to do bad things, like drink, and that he is concerned about her health. He refused to attend her 18th birthday in December because she held it in a bar. Shortly after that, videos of Miley smoking were posted on the Internet.

Billy Ray Cyrus compared Miley’s life to other stars whose lives ended badly, like Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson.

Recently the hit TV show, Hannah Montana, ended. Without the pressure of television shows to produce, there are hopes that Billy Ray and Miley will be able to repair their relationship. He said he would like to help her get back on a better path.

Writing/Discussion Prompt
In his interview, Billy Ray Cyrus blames the show, Hannah Montana, for the problems that he and his daughter are facing.  Do you think the show is only to blame?  What about Billy Ray and Miley? After all, Billy Ray did have to give his daughter permission to do the show. Also, isn’t Miley responsible for her own behaviour?  What are your opinions on the situation?

Do you think Miley Cyrus is a good role model for young girls?  Why or why not?

Reading Prompt
Do you think Billy Ray made the right choice by talking about his family’s personal problems with a reporter for a major magazine?  Do you think this is helping or hurting their situation?

Express personal thoughts and feelings about what has been read (OME: Reading: 1.8)

Make judgements and draw conclusions about the ideas and information in texts and cite stated or implied evidence from the text to support their views (OME: Reading, 1.8)

Grammar Feature: Verbs
Verbs are action words.  Some verbs end with ‘ing’ and some don’t.  Circle all of the verbs in the article.  Brainstorm and write a list of at least 20 more verbs.