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Kids Focus Better When They Are Active (ESL and Grade 2 version)

This article was adapted from the Junior version (Grades 3-6) here.

When kids move around a lot in class and on the playground, they do better on their school work.

Many teachers try to get their students moving so they learn better. One teacher in Toronto takes her Grade 7 kids outside where they move around trying to find different shapes on the playground.  The teacher will also ask her kids to walk around the room to talk about all of the work on the walls – just like it was an art show. Then she will get them to write a poem about what they saw.

The teacher says that when her students move around, they can focus for a longer time.

Here are some other ways schools are helping kids to move around more:

* Some schools let kids sit on big balls instead of chairs;

* One school in Ontario lets kids play in a “snow zone” where they can throw snowballs at each other.  (They wear goggles so they are safe);

* One teacher posts signs in the corners of her classroom that say: “Yes,” “Maybe” and “No.”  When she says something like “Homework is fun!” the kids run to sign that they agree with.

When students move around during the day, they get a rest from sitting.  This helps kids do their best on their school work.


Writing/Discussion Prompt
Do you think that you sit too much at school?
If you don’t – what does your teacher do to make sure you move around a lot?
If you think you do sit too much, pretend you are the teacher and think of activities you could do so you move around more in class and outside.

Reading Prompt
The writer wrote a list of different ways that teachers help their students to move around more.
Why do you think the writer chose to make a list instead write in a paragraph?  Do you find it easier to read a list or a paragraph?

Identify some text features and explain how they help readers understand texts (OME, Reading: 2.3)

Grammar Feature: Compound Words
A compound word is made when two words join together.  Some examples are: doghouse, newspaper and sandcastle.  Can you find the compound words in the article?  Can you think of more compound words?